LSU's receiver corps its most talented aspect

Craig "Buster" Davis says he could be the fastest person on the LSU football team. His statement is a mouthful to some, especially with the arrival of freshman speedster Trindon Holiday. But a recent 40 time clocked in the 4.3 range began making believers of everyone.

"I'm going to be honest with you, people don't look at me as fast, but I can beat about everybody on this team except Trindon," Davis said. "One day, me and Trindon are going to race and I am going to beat him."


Wide receiver could be the most talented position in 2006, especially as far as depth is concerned. The Tigers will feature an array of different talent at the position, ranging from tall to fast to agile and great hands.


With so much talent, competition and expectations are high at the position. Senior receiver Dwayne Bowe believes he is the strongest wideout on the team and a natural leader, while other players like Holiday and Davis argue over whose fastest.


Going into last years 2005 season, Davis was believed to be a boy amongst men. However, that turned out not to be the case. Davis turned into a major contributor for the Tigers, and led by example on the field.


This season he wants to do more.


"I just want to be consistent without being hurt," Davis said. "I had to sit out for the second half of the Tennessee game, but if I could have stayed in the game I feel I could have been a difference maker. My emphasis is to stay healthy and lead by example."


Other players like freshman receiver Brandon LaFell, a 6-3, 181 lb native of Houston, Texas are just excited about the chance to play. LaFell is the likely fourth receiver on this year's squad, joining Early Doucet, Bowe and Davis.


"This is one of the best situations I have ever been in," LaFell said. "I had to wait my turn behind Dwayne Bowe and the other guys, but I learned a lot. I learned how to get open. This is one of the best things to ever happen to me."


LaFell redshirted his freshman year in 2005, and now has a great opportunity to play with the departure of Xavier Carter. LaFell is so anxious to play, he put in the extra practice and workout time over the summer and gained almost 28 lbs of muscle for a 190 lb total. 


"It was a lot of work in the weight room and a lot of extra time after practice," LeFell said. "It seems as I got bigger I got stronger and faster. I feel like I got a little faster. Bowe is the perfect example. He is all muscle. That is all [Tommy] Moffitt told me when I first got here."


Now with the strength of Bowe and LaFell, the hands and speed of Davis, and the after the catch ability of Doucet, the Tigers could be one of the most diverse receiving corps in the nation. 

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