Will Toliver Visit LSU Again?

Scout.com's 5-star receiver Terrance Toliver knows of one official visit he will take and five other schools are in contention for the remaining four.

Five-star wide receiver Terrance Toliver said he definitely wants to take an official visit to LSU this fall, hopefully to catch one of their biggest rivals.


"I want to get down there to see a game," said Toliver. "I'm hoping to catch the Alabama game. That should be a good one."


Last season, for Hempstead High, Toliver pulled down 26 catches for 520 yards (22 yards/catch) and six touchdowns.


Scout.com's third ranked receiver in the country said he has received close to 30 offers, and other than the official trip to LSU, there are five other schools receiving heavy consideration for the four remaining officials.


 "Right now, I'm thinking Florida, Miami, Oklahoma, USC or Texas Tech," Toliver said.


The standout wide receiver took a couple of unofficial trips over the summer to check out two of his favorites and he enjoyed his time on both campuses.


"I just finished with camp at Florida and it went pretty good," said Toliver. "I got to go against some of the best corners and I think I did real good."


Toliver said that when he went to LSU's camp he enjoyed working with LSU receivers coach Todd Monken.


"I liked how he worked with me on some things," said Toliver. "He's a good coach. I had a good time there and enjoyed hanging out and talking with some of the other coaches. I toured the campus my last day and it was pretty big, bigger than some others I had seen. It was a good trip though."


Toliver said he met with coach Miles as well.


"We talked about recruiting and stuff," said Toliver. "He's a nice guy, I remember hearing about him at Oklahoma State and he sounded pretty nice."


So where does LSU stand in the grand scheme of things with Toliver?


"LSU has a lot going for them because of their coaching staff, their tradition and success, and the fact that they have Jarrett Lee coming in with this class," he said. "I'm not going to say they are my leader because there isn't one school that is my outright leader. LSU has always been one of my favorites and I could see myself being very happy if I went there."


For next season, Toliver said he plans to inflate his numbers beyond last season and catch more than 30 balls.


"I want a 1,000 yard season," said Toliver. "I think if I do that, it will help us win a state championship."


Note* Toliver said his grades needed a little work but that he expects to make all A's and B's this year. He also plans to retake the SAT on which he scored in the 600's.


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