FEINSWOG: "Putt" Dorsey doesn't play golf

It's the last time everything is completely lighthearted between us and them, where it's all about having laughs and taking fun pictures and asking questions for stories when there's no rush and everyone is undefeated.

The LSU football media day gathering is really fun, fun for the players and the media. It's where you get to ask Glenn Dorsey why he's called "Putt," and where you find out that Chase Pittman really doesn't care much that Chase Utley is having a great season for the Phillies or that Bank One is now Chase. Glad I didn't ask about the late band Chase…


Highlight of the action inside the indoor football facility: A staged photo with sophomore offensive lineman Herman Johnson, LSU's biggest player (6-foot-7, 351 pounds) and freshman running back Trindon Holliday, LSU's smallest player (5-5, 160). Johnson picked Holliday up and held him in his arms. He literally weighs twice that of his teammate.


Earlier, when he addressed the media, second-year head coach Les Miles said he understood how important media day and fan day (which followed on a sweltering Sunday inside Tiger Stadium) are, but that these were things that his team has to get behind it as it prepares for two-a-days and the season opener Sept. 2 against Louisiana-Lafayette, less than three weeks away.


Perhaps, but right in the middle of two-a-days, you can bet the players would kill for an afternoon off to joke around with the media.


After all, when else could you visit with Marlon Favorite and talk about his name? He's not, as you would hope, everyone's favorite, but Marlon Fave-a-right.


When else could the media gather en masse around all three quarterbacks at one time? JaMarcus Russell, Matt Flynn and Ryan Perrilloux, right there together for the asking.


And still no clear-cut winner, although the best line about the QB race still belongs to offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, who said last week on Sports Monday that actually Early Doucet was going to win the job and run the option.


When our media-day time was up, the players were herded into charter buses and, with a lead police motorcyle, cavalcaded to the stadium. Bet they don't do that in Division I-AA.


Waiting were really faithful fans, many of whom were tailgating all morning. They should be either admired or committed, because it was flat-out ridiculously stinkin' hot in Baton Rouge on Sunday, too hot to be outside, no matter how much you love your team.


But it's also the last time for the fans to get up close and personal with the Tigers. The next time they see the players, it will be showtime.


By then, the time for coaches and players to be lighthearted will be long gone.


And by the way:


Dorsey, the junior defensive lineman who is drawing incredibly rave reviews from his coaches, got his nickname from his grandmother.


And Putt doesn't play golf.




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