Mitchell focusing on football, nothing else

It took nearly the entire summer for Jarrett Mitchell to make his first career decision, and now the New Iberia native wears purple and gold. On June 6, Mitchell was drafted by Major League Baseball's Minnesota Twins in the 10th round as the 306th overall pick.

However, he also signed a letter of intent to play football on Feb. 2.


Mitchell had his options. If he decided to wear purple and gold, not only would he be able to play college football, but also college baseball at the highest level. If he chose to play minor league ball, he could signed a hefty contract.


In the end, Mitchell knew he was a Tiger.


"It came down to me noticing that this is where I need to be," Mitchell said. "This is going to open a whole lot of doors for me a few years from now. Just also to have that chance to live the college life."


Mitchell enters LSU as a receiver and is part of a new class of Tiger receivers. Mitchell, along with Ricky Dixon and Chris Mitchell, represent the next talent rotation at receiver for LSU.


With the departure of Xavier Carter, Skyler Green and Bennie Brazell, that new talent rotation could be asked to contribute early in their career.


"It's hard," Mitchell said. "It's a whole lot to learn. Dedication is the only thing I can say. Try to learn [the playbook] the best you can because it is defiantly a challenge. Everyone wouldn't want to go through it, but you got to do it. I was fortunate that I was working out with the team all summer."


For Mitchell, playing for LSU is a dream come true. He says this is not only a great opportunity for himself, but for his family as well. He believes if he can control the controllable and work hard to get better everyday, he could make the most of his dream and opportunity.


"When you come up, this [LSU] is what you see around you," Mitchell said. "This is just a dream come true to come here and play. Everyone wants to know what it is like. I get that all the time. Its fun to be able to bring that to them."


For now, getting better at receiver and school is all Mitchell is concerned with. His dreams and destiny now will be determined in the classroom, Death Valley and Alex Box.


"Whatever comes out of me being the best that I can be, that's what I want to be," Mitchell said.

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