Tiger Rag has received several inquiries as to whom we think will contribute out of this year's incoming freshmen class. This is our best guess as to who will fit in where, who might have a chance to play as well as those who will most likely redshirt.

As for those who I think will contribute, after watching practice for a week and listening to what the coaches have to say, here's is our two-cents


Will contribute:

Jacob Cutrera

Charles Scott

Trindon Holliday

Chris Mitchell

Jared Mitchell


The skinny: With Jacob Cutrera coming to LSU in January, he has a head start and is physically gifted. Charles Scott is gaining momentum and Miles and Fisher were almost giddy about his performance at Media Day. From what I have seen from both Jared and Chris Mitchell, they have great hands and are slashing type runners after catching the ball. Both have the look of playmakers. Electrifying. Also, Miles keeps talking about them.



Has a shot:

Jai Eugene

Kelvin Sheppard

Perry Riley

Derrick Odom

Danny McCray

Troy Giddens

Matt Allen

Lazarius "Pep" Levingston

Richard Dixon


The skinny: Jai Eugene has a broken thumb right now, but Miles alluded that when the season gets here, Eugene will play with a rubber covering over that hand. This tells me, they intend to use him. I think Riley, Odom and Sheppard all have a chance to play because of a lack of depth at linebacker. I mean, Pelini said Jason Spadoni is the 4th linebacker. That tells me they are not real deep. McCray and Giddens have gotten a lot of talk from the coaches, but they might not play because the Tigers are so deep in the secondary. Matt Allen came in pretty highly regarded. With a lack of substantial depth on the O-Line and Phil Loadholt not qualifying, Allen could get a look. Levingston drew some high marks from Pelini on media day. The Tigers are deep on the O-Line, but Pelini said this guy could play. Richard Dixon has shown some flashes, but has been upstaged by the Mitchells. Fisher has mentioned Dixon, though.



On the edge:

Keiland Williams

Richard Murphy

Steven Singleton

Al Woods


The skinny: Williams, Murphy, Singleton and Woods all have the talent to come in and contribute as freshmen. However, still waiting for clearance from the NCAA Clearinghouse is hurting their chances to play as true freshmen. It has nothing to do with ability, it is all about getting their football legs under them and understanding the system. As every day passes, they move closer to a redshirt.



Will likely redshirt:

Tyson Andrus

J.D. Lott

Zhamal Thomas

Mark Snyder

Richard Dickson


The skinny: Andrus is going to get caught up in a numbers game. He has a great body, but the Tigers are so deep in the secondary. Also, being a transfer doesn't help his chances in terms of him not being familiar with the system. Miles has mentioned Thomas and that he could be a good player at LSU. But at the same time, he (Miles) did mention he wasn't currently in great shape. Lott and Dickson will get caught up in the numbers as well as LSU has six tight ends (Keith Zinger, Mit Cole, Kyle Anderson, Doug Planchard, Andrew Wright and Alonzo Manuel) ahead of them. The only time we have noticed Snyder in action was a scolding he got from offensive line coach Stacey Searels last Wednesday. He has a good body, but likely is a project.

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