PRACTICE REPORT: Monday, Aug. 14 - Afternoon

Players and coaches look to be settling into a routine now that the second week of fall camp has begun. Everyone is becoming more accustomed to the heat, even the freshmen look like they have their head in the right place.

Monday afternoon's practice at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility was another hot one where players wore helmets, shoulder pads and shorts. Players continue to work on basic skills and techniques at their individual positions, while also emphasizing on speed and quickness.

Junior running back Alley Broussard could not be found anywhere on the practice field, and coach Miles was not available for questions following practice. Later it was learned he took the day off to rehab inside the indoor facility.

The quarterbacks changed things up a bit in the afternoon practice. For the first time in fall camp, quarterbacks and receivers ran endzone drills from the 15 and 20 yard lines. During drills, receivers ran corner fades, hitches, slants and outs for the quarterbacks, who were all very accurate.

Another first for fall camp was the chance to see tight ends catching balls. For the first week of fall camp when the media was allowed to view practice, tight ends practiced strictly on footwork and blocking, which could foreshadow an emphases on the run in 2006.

Moving to the trenches, judging the offensive lines progress is more difficult than other positions. Because the media has not been able to watch the boys in contact drills, it's very difficult to see how they are progressing. Because the LSU defensive line could be a force this season, the offensive line practices against some of the best athletes in the country.

As LSU works its way forward toward the end of their fall camp schedule and the opening contest against UL-Lafayette, the Tiger offensive line should be ready for the Cajuns.

On defense, first, second and third teams divided to run drills where players filled holes and assignments as they chased a running back down the sideline, closing all gaps and seams.

The first team defense consisted of; Ali Highsmith, Chevis Jackson, Chase Pittman, Luke Sanders, Darry Beckwith, Glenn Dorsey, Jessie Daniels, Marlon Favorite, LaRon Landry, Tyson Jackson and Jonathan Zenon.

This however is obviously not the set first team defense, but the first team defense that was comprised for practice. Each day first teamers are rotated in and out to give other players different looks.

Coaches and players now have only two, two-a-day practices remaining on their fall camp schedule for Wednesday and Friday before they move strictly to single practice days. The Tigers will practice again in full pads on Tuesday morning on the outdoor practice fields at 9:45 a.m.

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