SCRIMMAGE REPORT: Tuesday, Aug. 15

The LSU Tigers faced their first live action Tuesday morning as coach Les Miles put his team through the first scrimmage of Fall Camp. Miles referred to it as a mini-scrimmage as the team faced only 20 live snaps.

"We had a live go, 20 live snaps, and it went well," Miles said. "It was sloppy, but what you would expect. There was some contact. But it is a process in trying to help get this team ready for Gameday. We had 20 (snaps), then we ran them afterward and it really taxed them."


The scrimmage consisted of three six-play series and some limited situational snaps.


"We were really looking for six snaps, put six snaps together times threes; then put some long third down throws in there too," Miles said.


Miles said with the way the week has unfolded, he felt a short scrimmage would be beneficial earlier in the allowing enough time for the team to heal before the first major scrimmage of camp, which is slated for Saturday.


"We went shells at the end of yesterday to quiet them up a little bit," Miles said. "Then we go one (practice) today, then live (scrimmage) afterwards. We will practice until we get to Saturday.


"It (today's short scrimmage) is far enough from scrimmage day that it gives us a chance to heal up and anything that were to happen injury-wise, it is still early enough in camp," Miles added.

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Coach Les Miles said Alley Broussard sat out of Tuesday scrimmage.

 "There is wear and tear through this (camp) schedule and we wanted

to give him some time to get some treatment and some time off that leg."



Running back Alley Broussard missed Monday's workouts as he rehabbed his knee. The junior running backs was kept out of Tuesday's scrimmage.


"Justin Vincent, Antonio Robinson, Jacob Hester and Charles Scott," Miles said when asked about which running backs took part in the scrimmage.


"He (Broussard) is still rehabbing," Miles said. "We are going to look at that leg on a regular basis and try to make team decision from there on."


Miles downplayed Broussard's absence and explained it as a precautionary measure.


"There is wear and tear through this (camp) schedule and we wanted to give him some time to get some treatment and some time off that leg," Miles said.


As for the other running backs, Miles wasn't all that happy with the group as a whole performed.


"We need to run the ball better than we did in the scrimmage today," Miles said. "I think the defense is head of the offense at this point. There was nothing spectacular."


"It is tough to tell," Miles said about if the performance of the offensive line hampered the running game. "There were some mistakes made, not necessarily offensive line guys, that did not contribute to it being a good day on the offensive side of the ball."


Miles did say, though, true freshman Charles Scott stood out above his peers in the backfield. The coach went on to say Scott will undoubtedly play in his first year on campus.


"I think Charles Scott is really progressing," Miles said. "He really knows what he is doing. I don't think there is any doubt there will be no hesitation to play him this fall."


Miles did get a bit fired up about turnovers on the offensive side of the ball, one in particular coming from an unnamed running back.


"I think there were a couple of turnovers today that I was not happy with," Miles said. "I am going to have to evaluate them. But there is one that I am, in particular, not going to be happy with."


"A running back's turnover," Miles said when asked who coughed up the ball.


Of course, questions about the performance of the quarterbacks was raised. Miles said, however, the mini-scrimmage was focused more on the ground game.


"Our quarterbacks did the job they were supposed to do," Miles said. "We were looking a little bit more run than pass. We wanted to see if we could take it at somebody. Our defense certainly gave us a good test."


Speaking of the defense, Miles praised coach Bo Pelini's unit stating they are ahead of the offense at this point.


"The adjustment phase of the defense is much cleaner," Miles said. "The secondary knows just where they need to be. The linebackers are comfortable. You seldom see them out of position."


Glenn Dorsey continues to shine on the defense. While Miles stood up for his offensive line stating they can handle Dorsey, the coach did say he kept seeing No. 72 a great deal during the live segment.


"Dorsey had a nice day," Miles said. "I could see that number coming up through there (the line) nicely all day. The one thing about him is he has great intensity. He'll bring it every down."


Luke Sanders may have seen his last practice in a green jersey as Miles held the junior middle linebacker out of Tuesday's scrimmage.


"Luke was out, in a green jersey, but he is about ready to go," Miles said. "He went through all the practice snaps and really hasn't shied away from any contact. When we turn him loose, he'll be ready."


Miles did say the scrimmage included four periods of live special teams action.


"There were four segments of live kicking," Miles said. "Punting, we returned punts, we kicked off and field goals."


The team will resume two-a-day practice tomorrow, go once on Thursday, twice Friday before Saturday's first major scrimmage of Fall Camp.


"This was a practice then scrimmage," Miles said. "That (Saturday) will be a full scrimmage format. It will include a majority of the kicking situations – a good long go. I'd like to say 100 (snaps) total."

A look at who did what?

The scrimmage had the teams working on first-and-10 situations as well as a variety of third-and-short and third-and-long situations, mostly coming on the short-side of the field. The Tigers also spent a portion of the workout focusing on the kickoff return unit as well as both the punt coverage team and the punt return unit.

Russell's threw a 10-yard touchdown pass to Craig Davis against the No. 2 defense during a third-and-two portion of the situational scrimmage. He then followed that with a 15-yard scoring pass to Josh McManus on a third-and-seven situation later in the workout.

Defensive highlights for the Tigers included a forced fumble by linebacker Darry Beckwith, a tackle for loss by linebacker Ali Highsmith and the overall play of defensive tackle Glenn Dors

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