FIRST LOOK: Al Woods in action

News spread Thursday afternoon about Al Woods' clearance by the NCAA. Friday morning, it was Al Woods in the flesh. The heralded defensive tackle from Elton, La. was in action Friday morning as the Tigers took to the field at the Charles McClendon Practice Facility.

While the rest of the team was in full pads, Woods was dressed in shells (helmet, jersey, shorts). He did, however, take part in all the individual drills with the defensive linemen.

Woods, who tips the scales at 325 pounds, looked sleek and trim for his first day at LSU. A giant, Woods stood out in a crowd. The 6-5 true freshmen was as big as some of the players who had their pads on.

And just how did Woods look in the drills?

In one drill, where the defensive line breaks down and sprints to the sideline practicing containment, Woods turned on the jets and motored to the sideline stripe. His quickness and agility raised eyebrows of the those watching practice.

The following are the first pictures you'll find anywhere of Woods from this morning's workout.

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Woods gets down to business.

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Woods (97) at practice this morning.

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Woods standing beside Lazarius "Pep" Levingston

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Woods waiting his turn at the sled

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A good look at Al Woods as defensive line coach Earl Lane looks on

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Woods walk to another drills standing beside Tim Washington

(All photos by J. Sam Frake)

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