Hester enjoying duel role

Jacob Hester doesn't quite the fit the bill of a normal fullback. Fullbacks are typically bigger, slower players who serve primarily as blockers. While Hester admits he doesn't mind playing the role of fullback, getting his hands on the ball excites the 6-0, 228-pound junior from Shreveport.

"I like both," Hester said. "I like to get the chance to hit somebody, fullback leading on linebackers, but everybody likes to get the ball a little bit here and there. But I really am not prejudice toward either."


And from what has happened so far this Fall Camp, it appears coach Les Miles has bigger plans for the former Evangel standout. With Alley Broussard being held out of some practices for precautionary measures stemming from last season's knee injury, Hester has gotten more and more reps at tailback, something he doesn't mind at all.


"I played tailback in high school then fullback when I got here," Hester said. "I have the mentality of a fullback, but they are giving me a chance to play running back now, so I am approaching that like a running back, that if I get the ball, I am going to do something with it – not just get five or six yards."


Hester has gotten significant carries in each of LSU's two scrimmages this August, but he made some noise with his hands in the latest scrimmage on Tuesday hauling in a 25-yard pass from JaMarcus Russell.


"Coach Saban played us a little bit, but he was more two tights than anything," Hester said. "Coach Miles likes playing the fullback and involving us more. He has kind of phased out the two tights a little bit."


Hester likes the changes.


"It is kind of a different threat because you have two running backs back there," Hester said. "It is more of a running threat with the fullback than the two tights. It is more of a passing threat with the two tights.


"At fullback, we used to just block," Hester said. "Now Jimbo has put in a bunch of different stuff where we (fullbacks) are in the shotgun with the quarterback, offset in a wing. They are trying to get us the ball more, which makes it a lot more exciting."


It is good Miles and Fisher are using the fullback more because the Tigers have a sluice of talented big boys in the backfield. Beyond Hester is Shawn Jordan and Steve Korte and the recently re-assigned Quinn Johnson, whomoved over from linebacker.


"We are all different," Hester said. "We are all different players. We all bring different things to the table. I am thinking they are going to get their job done and I'll get mine done blocking. Then maybe I'll get my chance to get back their and get a chance to run the ball some."


Hester said he and Korte are more likely to get carries in a game while Jordan is the prototypical blocking fullback.


"Shawn is just cock-strong," Hester said. "He benches out of the house and can squat, I mean wow. He can lead block on plays and head defenders off. Me and Steve are the faster, hands kind of running backs at fullback. We are all different."


As for Johnson, Hester said he is glad the former linebacker moved from defense to offense.


"In the spring, he picked it up really well and adjusted quickly," Hester said about Johnson's move to offense. "He was probably the hardest linebacker on the team to block. I am probably the happiest on the team that he moved to our side of the ball. He is a strong player. I think once he gets a year under his belt he is going to be really good."

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