Rain has been the theme of this Fall Camp. The Tigers have worked out more inside the indoor facility it seems than on the grassy fields of the Charles McClendon Practice Facility. While the sky was ominous on Friday afternoon, few raindrops actually fell. But lightning was what drove the Tigers inside.

"I tell you one thing, that snuck up on us to be honest," said LSU coach Les Miles. "It looked like it was going the other direction. The wind was favorable for us to be able to get it (practice) in without going inside. It was that one cell that kept coming and it got on top of us rather quickly."


Miles said he has experience with story weather in the month of August. The former Oklahoma State coach said August afternoons in Stillwater could be pretty nasty in August. However, while tornadoes are pretty commonplace in Native America, Miles said they would get afternoon showers, but the tornadoes usually held off until nightfall.


"This time of year was a rainy, thunderstorm kind of afternoons up there just like it is here," Miles said of his days at Oklahoma State. "Some were mixed with tornadoes. But usually that was the evening event (tornadoes). Those typically happened at night."


Miles said he wished the lightning would have held off so the team could have gotten as afternoon workout in the rain, especially with the temperatures in the low 80s.


"If lightning strikes, we are going inside," Miles said. "If it doesn't strike, we are going to go out here. We use wet ball drills. We will continue to do that regularly. If we get an afternoon where it is just raining, we will be outside. This is really preferable temperatures for me. We went inside today, turned the air conditioning off. It got pretty toasty in there."




Miles and the Tigers will go inside Tiger Stadium tomorrow for an informal workout on Saturday. The coach said it will be primarily a walk through, with an emphasis on special teams.


"Tomorrow is going to be a special teams deal, with some two-minute scenarios, but for the most part, just getting back inside the stadium, review pregame and get the kickers, holders and snappers comfortable," Miles said.


With just over a week left until the start of the 2006 season, Miles said he has some idea of his starting lineup, but will continue to watch things unfold through preparations for Louisiana-Lafayette.


"I have a pretty strong feeling who the starters will be, but I am going to let it play out," Miles said. "We didn't make some decisions last year until game week and I think it was wise."





At Friday's practice, it was previously overlooked that Craig Davis wasn't present. A lingering hamstring strain continues to limit Buster.


"I think we held Buster out today," Miles said. "He will be back on Monday."


Will Buster be okay?


"Yeah," Miles said.





A former offensive lineman at Michigan, the 5-11 Miles said things have changed since his days of playing in the trenches. The players have gotten a good bit bigger these days than they were in the late 70s.


"There would really be no chance," Miles said when asked about playing offensive line in this day and age. "Big Al (Woods) would pick me up and sort me out real quick, there's no doubt about it."





Jai Eugene reported to Fall Camp wearing a hard cast on his left hand. Miles confirmed the true freshman had a broken thumb. Eugene was observed leaving the indoor facility tonight wearing only a tiny splint on that thumb. However, Miles did say he would wear a rubber cast-like covering over that hand this year.

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