Kevin Bryant Focusing on Football for Now

Kevin Bryant told Tiger Rag that he still hasn't begun to narrow down his options, but that he would like to bare witness to a game in Tiger Stadium if he can work it out with his hectic regular season schedule.

The last time Tiger Rag talked to the 6-7, 360-pounder, he was thinking about LSU (camp), Miami (camp), Georgia and Florida.


He attended LSU's camp in July and said there are some things that stand out about the Tigers.


"They show a lot of love and are very up front about recruiting," said Bryant. "I talked to coach Fisher a couple of weeks ago. He said he hopes I have a good season and to play smart and to stay healthy."


Bryant said he is looking for a family atmosphere.


"Family life is the number one thing for me," said Bryant. "I want to find a place where I can fit in and feel like I am part of something. I want to enjoy the coaches I am with and enjoy the people and players I am around."


Of his more than 50 offers, Bryant was reluctant to release a top five or even 10. He said he has not yet set up his official visits and has no plans for unofficial visits.


"I haven't decided where I'm going to take my visits," he said. "I'd like to catch a game in Tiger Stadium. If I don't make it down for a game then I will probably make it down in January. But, at this point, I'm keeping everything open."


While he is in high school, Bryant is keeping in shape with other sports.


"I am on the wrestling team and the track team," he explained. "I shot put, and I wrestle to keep my agility up. In Florida, the highest weight class starts at 275; I'm about 360, so I use it to make sure I've got my moves."


Bryant recently transferred schools, but said being a football player has made that transition easier.


"I mean, when you walk around campus, they know you are an athlete," he said. "Being in a new school and meeting new people, that won't be an issue."


Note** Bryant has not taken the ACT yet, but said his grades are on pace for him to qualify.


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