Miles addresses media Sunday night

LSU coach Les Miles met with members of the media on Sunday, a day after the eighth-ranked Tigers opened their season with a 45-3 win over Louisiana-Lafayette. After watching the game film from the win over the Cajuns, Miles had the following comments on LSU's performance on Saturday night:

After reviewing the film:

"I thought the defensive line played pretty well. We were trying to get ready for spread offenses that we play in the future. I really think that they accomplished a lot. We worked on it a little bit in two-a-days. Jonathan Zenon had a big night minus the missed tackle. Offensively, we made some first game mistakes in the offensive line that need to be corrected for us to run the football. If we played like we did late in the game on the offensive line, we will rush the football much better. That is one of the keys that we have to come out of this game with -- that we have to run the football better early in the game. I felt like Alley Broussard looked good to a point. In my opinion, he still has to earn his carries. He needs to practice well and get a better grasp of what we ask him to do. It was fun for me to see a guy who has come back off surgery looking to be prepared to play some."

On JaMarcus Russell's play:

"I think he is improving. We have seen that from JaMarcus at Alabama. We've seen that in spots last year. He's much more rightfully serving in his approach to his team. He had a good game. I thought he was sharp and into it and did the right things. I expect JaMarcus to play the way he has and we expect that pretty regularly. He was named captain by his teammates, which is tremendous honor. There was a comfort and understanding of what was to happen and maybe just a little more maturity."

On if he got everyone he wanted to into the game:

"There were a couple of guys that I would have liked to have gotten in now that I think about it. You never get everybody in the game that you would like to. We got a lot of guys in, but we should have gotten some others in. I made a mistake there. I think there are some guys that worked their butt of that really deserved to play a little bit more in the game."

On the offensive line:

"It's called getting comfortable playing games. It's playing with that guy next to you for the first time. There has got to be some communication and comfort that takes place. Generally speaking, there is about 20 percent improvement from week one to week two of every team in the country. If we make that improvement in the offensive line, I will be very happy."

On making the transition from fall camp into the first game:

"First games are always a concern for coaching staffs. You find out really where you are at and what needs work. I felt like there were a lot of positives the way the first game went this year. After every game and certainly first games, there are a lot of corrections that need to be made. We certainly have our share. There is still a lot of work to do. We got on track, played in our stadium on time, played an opponent, got a victory and now let's get better."

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