2002 LSU Football Preview - Get it Aug. 6

It's rolling of the presses today - the 2002 LSU FOOTBALL PREVIEW issue of Tiger Rag.<br><br>Come take a look at what's inside...

The 2002 LSU Football Preview is being printed Friday, Aug. 2, and will head out from the post office on Monday, Aug. 5. Subscribers should have their copies by the end of the week, as will your favorite newsstand.

We're able to provide you with the latest information on LSU sports and recruiting here and TigerRag.com, but the 2002 LSU Football Preview is a great resource guide EVERY Tiger fan should have.

Here's just a brief glimpse of what's inside:

Player interviews - Bradie James, Matt Mauck, Michael Clayton, Marcus Spears, Ben Wilkerson and more...

Coach interviews - Nick Saban, Jimbo Fisher, Will Muschamp 

Special Features - The Quick-Passing Game: Why LSU can win without Rohan Davey; The LSU Secondary: Ready to Rescue

Position/Roster Analysis - A look at each spot on the field and a breakdown of each player who will contribute.

Opponent Previews - A breakdown of every LSU opponent and the rest of the SEC, complete with depth charts, coaching and statistical analysis.

Recruiting - What we couldn't cram into our Special Recruiting Issue, we got in here: lists of every player LSU has offered along with a look at the best prospects in the nation, Louisiana, Texas, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia.

History - We catch up with a former Tiger and cover the annals of LSU football - a handy reference to settle all those barstool arguments.

     Opinion - As always, we offer the most respected opinion in town on LSU football. For 25 years, Tiger Rag readers know they are getting the insight on the Tigers from a staff who lives, sleeps, breathes and eats LSU sports and recruiting 365 days a year.

Here's just a small sample from our 2002 LSU Football Preview...

Hometown hero takes over at QB

By Scott Hotard


Days before last November's Class 4A state championship game, Jasper (Ind.) High coach Jerry Brewer was stumped. He needed a two-point conversion play, something none of his opponents had seen on film. He needed an ace in the hole, a potentially game-deciding trick up his sleeve.

Brewer thought hard. Who could help him?


About that time, Brewer's wide receivers coach, Geoff Mauck, went to his brother, LSU signal-caller Matt Mauck, and asked if he could lend a hand.


The quarterback, in town for the Thanksgiving break, drew up a play designed for the slot receiver to go in motion and then run a corner route to the back-right pylon...


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