Russell having fun getting ready for Auburn

Every coach in the nation will tell his players to prepare one game at a time. Former LSU head coach Nick Saban is the king of taking it one game at a time, and has passed the torch to current head coach Les Miles.

Saturdays Southeastern Conference showdown between No. 3 Auburn and No. 6 LSU will be another game that was taken at a time. Miles and his players might walk around campus with a bit more pep in their step, but overall they know there are still nine games to play after Saturday. 


That pep adds a little more fun to practice, and can add a lot more fun to the game if LSU is successful. Junior quarterback JaMarcus Russell knows how much fun the big game week can be, and he is already rolling with it.


"Where going to go out and have fun," Russell said. "This is a great team to go out there and fight with."


After two games, Russell looks to be having fun on the field playing pitch-and-catch with receivers. So far this season, Russell has accumulated 449 yards through the air for five touchdowns with a 211.39 efficiency rating.


But pitch-and-catch won't be the only fun game being playing on the plains of Alabama. In fact, LSU could not be having fun at all going against former LSU defensive specialist and Auburn defensive coordinator Will Muschamp.


Muschamp will put his defense against LSU offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher's offense, and there lies a fun game in itself. The two worked together at LSU and practiced against each other everyday.


"The players are what are going to win the game," Fisher said. "We used to compete for noon time basketball, but I got him on that one. Now we just compare notes. We own a house in Destin together."


Fisher looks forward to Saturday's matchup. So does Russell. The Mobile, Ala. native said he likes the fact he is playing against a home school that he grew up watching, but he is also excited about Muschamp's defense.


"He was here my first year when I was pretty much just running the scout team," Russell said. "I got a chance to interact with him quit a bit. He is a good guy. I got to work with him. I think he has some great plans for our offense as far as he used to be a part of it.

 "It's going to be fun to go back and play against some of those guys that I played in high school with and the all-star game," Russell said. "I'm just looking forward to it and having fun."

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