T-Bob Eyes LSU/Bama Game

Although standout center T-Bob Hebert (6-4, 270) hasn't set any dates in concrete, he has set his sights on visiting four schools officially, and possibly Hawaii.

"I haven't got anything official yet, but the schools I want to visit are LSU, Florida, Georgia, Ole Miss and maybe Hawaii," said T-Bob Hebert. "Besides those four, nothing stands out to me. They all have good tradition, great facilities, campus, teams and fan support."


Hebert said he doesn't know which LSU game he plans to attend, but nothing says fun like two good ole fashion SEC teams going at each other.


"I may make it to the Alabama game if I can that week," said Hebert. "I don't know what my schedule will be like; I'm trying to focus on high school right now. Saturday is really my only day off from football. It's my only day to really chill out."


With Georgia close to him, Hebert said he may make that visit unofficial.


"I may make Georgia an unofficial," he said. "It's easy to go to the games, but I haven't thought about anything yet."


Hebert said he has been impressed with LSU thus far, despite the loss to Auburn, and he is most impressed with LSU's defense.


"The defense looked amazing (in the Auburn game)," said Hebert. "The offense struggled a little bit. If you would have told me the defense would hold Auburn to as few yards as they did, LSU would gain more than 200 yards, get two turnovers and still lose, I wouldn't have believed you; it was just crazy."


Much has been said of LSU's inept rushing attack against Auburn but Hebert didn't blame the lack of a run-game totally on the offensive line.


"I feel like some of the backs struggled a little bit," said Hebert. "You can't put that all on the line. I feel like if Kenny Irons had been back there, he would have found a way to get some yards."


What does Hebert look forward to on his return trip to Baton Rouge?


"We'll I went there this summer," said Hebert, "so, I guess I'll do more of the same stuff, tour the campus and what not. Other than Florida, I've already been to all these places. I'm really looking forward to that trip, because I haven't experienced it yet."


Hebert said he frequently speaks with head coach Les Miles.


"I talked with him the other night," said Hebert. "He asked me how I was doing and we talked about getting to the Alabama game. We talked about the Auburn game and he just said how proud of his kids he was and how it was a tough loss."


Note** Hebert has scored a 1240 on his SAT and said he is enjoying his easy senior year, academic wise.




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