Crutchfield enjoyed some cajun cooking

Of his first experience in Tiger Stadium last Saturday, Concord (N.C.) Northwest Carrabus' Andrew Crutchfield simply said, "It was a blast."

Andrew Crutchfield, one of two kicking specialists committed to LSU this fall, said he had a good time at LSU and the unofficial visit only reinforced his decision.


"I talked with coach Miles before the game and I got a chance to talk to him on Sunday," said Crutchfield. "On Sunday we toured the student housing and he just talked with me and my parents about what it's going to be like living and going to LSU."


One of the things Miles talked to the North Carolina native about was becoming a better player.


"He said I'll do well and fit in," said Crutchfield. "He told me, ‘If you think you are good now, jus wait until you get here. Wait until we get you working out and running every day. We'll definitely make you better.'"


When will Crutchfield be taking his official visit?


"I'm waiting until after the season," he said. "I want to make sure I get to spend more time with the coaches. Right now, and during the football season, they have a lot going on so they don't always have as much time as they want to spend with players."


In addition to spending time with Miles, Crutchfield also got a chance to meet up with Josh Jasper, the Tigers' other commit.


"I told him hey and we talked a little," said Crutchfield. "I just told him I'll be seeing him next season."


Often times, a kid's first experience inside Tiger Stadium is a memorable one and it looks like that is the best way to explain Crutchfield's experience.


"It shocked me completely," he explained. "The students, the crowd, everything was just so big time. I mean, coming from high school, it was totally different. It was almost like jumping to the NFL.


"The game was such a blow out, but the crowd stayed in it. I know a lot of people left at half time, but I've heard that in a closer game they are yelling from the first to the fourth quarter."


Aside from the football game, Crutchfield managed to experience some campus life and Cajun cooking.


"I walked around and went to the Brooks and Dunn concert," he said. "We went to the book store and bought some LSU clothes. I had never had any Cajun food so I got to experience that. It was good--different, but good."


So far this season, Crutchfield has made five field goals.


Note**Crutchfield has all his grades in order and plans on graduating in January. He said he plans on majoring in Construction Management at LSU.


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