Fisher says LSU's O looking for balance

Baton Rouge is currently home to one of the nation's top defenses, but no one seems to be talking about the Tigers offense. LSU has struggled this season trying to find a consistent, balanced offense.

The passing game is perhaps the most talented in the nation, and the consistency mostly deals with the running game.


The lack of a rushing attack became evident at Auburn, and the solution might have been found Saturday night against Tulane with Charles Scott. The freshman back led the once star studded backfield with 101 yards against the Green Wave, and offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher couldn't be happier to have some balance.


"When you throw every down, you expose your young tackles and you have to know how to protect," Fisher said. "To run the ball on the road is important. If you throw it all the time, now you have the same problem when you just run. You have to have a balance."


Fisher said it's almost imperative to have a balanced offense in the Southeastern Conference because of the defenses. In fact, his counterpart, defensive coordinator Bo Pelini has said many times before that the SEC runs pro-style offenses and defenses, looking most like the NFL.


"It's very hard to be one dimensional in this league," Fisher said. "This league is different. Everyone has great defensive linemen, and everyone has cover corners. Not every league can say that. When you have rush guys that make it come out of your hand at 2.3 seconds, you can't just say I'm going to beat you all day long.


"Seven of the top 10 defenses come out of this league," Fisher said. "You have athletic guys on the other side. You just don't throw the ball down the field. Think about how many 60 to 70 yard runs you see. You just don't see that because people have speed and make you run drives. You have to be complete to be effective in this league."


Fisher also said it is important to continue to develop talent on the roster, especially at the receiver position. The Tigers boast a talented group of veteran receivers, but they didn't become talented and experienced by sitting on the bench.


Fisher said he plans to get freshmen receivers Ricky Dixon, Chris Mitchell and Jared Mitchell involved in the offense throughout the season.


"We have to keep developing because what if one guy turns an ankle in practice," Fisher said. "Then they would have to get into that mix when we go four wide. Then next year when they are battling for positions, then we will know how to ask them what to do."


As the offensive coordinator, Fisher is responsible for mapping out game plans and locating weaknesses in the defense. Working in SEC makes his job difficult, and finding the best matchups is a job within itself.


Fisher said you have to be aware of all positions when creating mismatches because one good mismatch could create a disadvantage somewhere else.

"We always look at what we do well," Fisher said. "You have to make sure you do what is in your arsenal to do, then you go personnel matchups. Where can I get my best guy on their worst guy. You may have an advantage here, but they may have an advantage there. You have to weight the odds and then take it.


"That's why it's important to have good players across the board. There may be a time when they take away one good matchup, so you have to look for you next good matchup."

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