Miles feels Tigers ready for The Swamp

LSU head coach Les Miles addressed the media on Wednesday for the final time before Saturday's showdown in Gainesville when the No. 9 Tigers face off against No. 5 Florida.

For the second time this year, LSU will be involved in a road game against a top five opponent. The Gators, who have won 12 straight home games, stand at 5-0 overall and 3-0 in SEC action in 2006. Florida's last home loss came to LSU during the 2004 season.


The majority of Miles' coaching staff has never been to The Swamp, and Miles said he thought it would be best to get the team adapted to the environment they would be playing in come Saturday.


"It's very comparable to some of the places we have been to in the past," Miles said. "We are going to stop by when we arrive to let some of the guys that haven't been there, including me and the staff, to see what it is about. We are going to get there and get comfortable with our surroundings."


Miles also said LSU's atmosphere is unlike anywhere in the country.


"I think it is safe to say that you play three or four games here that would be comparable to a bowl game anywhere else in the country," Miles said.


Miles said his team will be ready to play and that they have practiced well all week. He especially noted Wednesday's practice where he said he could tell the team worked hard and practiced with intent. He said it was a meaningful go.


Offensive tackle Will Arnold will not play in Saturday's matchup because of a knee scope, but said that everyone else should be ready to go. Miles expects Arnold to be out eight to ten days, and said that he will be better than he has been when he returns. Arnold's surgery took place Wednesday morning.


To prepare for Saturday's big game, noise was filtered into preparation during practice.


"We piped in noise before," Miles said. "It's not the first time. It's a distraction, but it's something they understand and work through."


In the midst of questioning, Miles spoke about his highly touted quarterback, JaMarcus Russell, and how the passing attack has excelled thus far this season. Miles admitted his passing game was playing exceptional, and that he expected the same performance from them on the road in Gainesville.

"I think there is great chemistry between our quarterback and receivers," Miles said. "They are really in sink. Really any quarterback is only as good as his receiver. You can't throw it to somebody that isn't open."

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