Brown and Hammond comment on LSU trip

Lakeland (Fla.) may have the most D-I talent of any high school in America and its two biggest stars took an official visit to LSU this weekend in 5-star defensive tackle John Brown and 4-star tight end Jordan Hammond.

Lakeland (Fla.) may have the most D-I talent of any high school in America and its two biggest stars took an official visit to LSU this weekend in 5-star defensive tackle John Brown and 4-star tight end Jordan Hammond.


The coaching staff secured a pledge from Hammond over the summer and he has maintained the entire time since then that he is solid with that pledge and he isn't entertaining any offers from anywhere else.


Brown, on the other hand, is a player that Hammond has been recruiting for the Tigers and the coaches would love nothing more than to gain his signature on signing day.


The two good friends flew into Baton Rouge mid-afternoon on Friday and they spent the night with the coaches and players as they prepared for their Saturday night clash with Fresno State.


"We ate breakfast and kind of checked out all of the facilities on Saturday," said Brown, who is rated the No. 4 defensive tackle in the country. "I got a chance to see their academic center and their weight room before the rain came. Everything was real nice."


After taking in a short lunch, Brown (6-1, 295, 5.0) and Hammond (6-5, 225, 4.7) fell victim to the rain storm that tore through Baton Rouge and unfortunately for their sake they could not see Tiger Stadium in its true element.


"The rain pretty much hurt the crowd," Brown said. "We watched the first two quarters and then we went inside and watched the rest in the recruiting lounge. It was still good despite all of the rain."


One thing the rain could not ruin was the opportunity for Brown and Hammond to hang out with the LSU players.


"We hung around Pep Levingston, Troy Giddens, Charles Scott, Glenn Dorsey, Al Woods, Danny McCray, and a few others," said Brown. "The players were real cool to hang with. They were real cool people and treated everyone the same."


Defensive line coach Earl Lane and Les Miles spent a lot of time with Brown and Hammond and they made it a point to let Brown know how bad they wanted him to accompany Hammond to Baton Rouge next fall.


"We talked a lot," said Brown. "They were just telling me how bad they wanted me and how good their academics were. We talked a lot about their defense too. I like how the defense plays and you could see why they are so good. Their scheme is a lot like ours and their d-linemen are the strength of the team."


Brown said that he is planning on setting up official visits to Alabama, Florida, Florida State and Ole Miss before he makes a decision. When asked if this visit did anything to help LSU's cause, he replied, "It did. The rain kind of put a damper on things but I think I fit in well with the players over there."


The rain wasn't the only thing that put a damper on the trip because when I spoke to Brown and Hammond they were sitting in the Atlanta airport because they missed their flight home.


"We were late getting to the airport in Baton Rouge," Hammond said. "They couldn't even check our bags and they are having to Fed Ex our luggage to us. We're on standby right now for a flight that leaves at 6:30 tonight and if we don't get that one then there is one at 7:30. If we don't get either of those then I guess we will have to wait until tomorrow."


This trip for Hammond was all about getting the chance to see a night game in Tiger Stadium and needles to say things did not go according to plan.


"It was pretty good," Hammond said. "I didn't get a chance to enjoy the game like I wanted. I watched a quarter or two outside and then I went and watched the rest in the recruiting lounge. I didn't get to experience it like I wanted but I still had a good time."


The nation's 11th ranked tight end said that he was still glad that he took the trip because it gave him a little more time to talk to the coaches.


"They were telling me how they can't wait for me to get there and how they're looking forward to me playing there," Hammond said. "I came over the summer and saw everything so there really wasn't anything new for me to see. They just really took the time to get to know me better and make me feel more comfortable with the staff as a whole."


There had been some talk that Hammond may try and graduate in December so that he can enroll at LSU in January but he said that he is going to graduate with his class in May.


He said that he is going to use that time to strengthen his knee and get it ready for when he reports for summer school in June.


Speaking of the torn ACL, how is his recovery going?


"It's doing real good," he said. "I got another month and then I'll start to cut on it. I'll be ready to go when I get here."





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