Far from making a commitment

Will Blackwell (6-4, 295, 4.9) just got back from his visit to Notre Dame, and while he said he was impressed, he is still far from making a commitment.

"I don't plan on doing that for some time," said Will Blackwell. "But, I have really started to focus on LSU, Notre Dame and Alabama."


When asked to compare his visit to south bend to his trips to Tiger Stadium, he said the two were tough to compare.


"You can't really compare official visits to unofficial visits," he said. "When I come down for an LSU game it's just fun. The official visits are much more serious and you really get down to business."


Blackwell also said that the stadium sizes made it hard to compare as well.


"Their stadium only holds 80,000," said Blackwell. "You're talking about a 16,000 person difference there, so it's not going to be as loud. But, for the amount of people there it was pretty loud. The game ended up being a pretty good game to watch as well."



Although he didn't get to do any tailgating, the 4-star d-lineman did say he received an extensive tour of the campus.


"We went and saw everything," he said. "I talked to professors; I saw the gold dome and touchdown Jesus. I got to have breakfast with coach Weis and that was pretty cool. We talked for a while and just cleared some stuff up about the depth chart and playing time.


"He said they have five defensive linemen leaving after this season, so that really opens up some room. He said I could come in and show off my ability and possibly play early and maybe start early."


The West Monroe product said he has been in contact with coach Les Miles and that they talked about his official visit to LSU.


"We also talked about the depth chart and stuff like that," said Blackwell. "I probably won't be able to take my official visit until after the season. Hopefully, because I won't be finished playing football until after the first weekend in December."


Blackwell said his team is doing well and that, individually, he is performing well as well.


"I don't know exactly, but I'd say I have anywhere between 40-50 tackles. I think I have 3 or 4 sacks. That's not bad for a defensive lineman who plays against teams who mostly run the ball."



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