T-Bob talks about coming home

Last week, T-Bob Hebert spent a lot of time thinking about his future and on Thursday evening he called Les Miles to tell him that he was coming home. The 6-3, 260-pound center out of Atlanta (Ga.) Greater Atlanta Christian spent the first four years of his life living on the Northshore in South Louisiana and now he will spend the next four or five years in Louisiana's Capital City.

"This is going to be the place where I am going to be for the next four years," T-Bob Hebert said of his decision to select the Tigers over his other two finalists Georgia and Florida. "I don't think there is anywhere else that I'd rather be than in Baton Rouge."



But why commit two weeks before his scheduled official visit to LSU?


"I just didn't want to waste any of the other coach's time," said Hebert. "I know how valuable it is and I know that they have other guys they'll need to spend time one now that they know I am a Tiger."


Hebert said his family was very excited about the decision.


"I think that it's really what they wanted for me, too," he said. "They're all really excited. I talked to my dad and he said he was excited that I was a Tiger. Even though he never came out and said it, I think that this is what he wanted for me."


All of the other schools that were interested in him had plenty of things going of them, but Hebert said that he just felt like he fit in the best at LSU.


"I don't think the other schools were lacking anything," he explained. "I just think that LSU offered me the best opportunity to become very successful. I really couldn't make a bad choice as far as what school I decided to go to."



When Hebert started rattling off all of the things LSU offered it made you realize just how much he wanted to be a Tiger.


"I have a lot of family down there," he said. "The campus is great and the Tiger fans are second to none. Death Valley is amazing. I've always loved watching games there because the atmosphere is intense and it's a chance to get a really good education."


Note: Hebert said he would not be able to take his official visit on its previously scheduled date because of a conflict with his high school team. He said that instead of coming for the Alabama game, he is most likely going to make it to the Ole Miss game.



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