Delvin Breaux Injury Update

When news surfaced that LSU commitment Delvin Breaux suffered a neck injury on Friday night everyone seemed to have a different story.

On Monday, Tiger Rag was told by an assistant coach at McDonough 35 that Breaux suffered a broken neck and that there was no other news at the time.

On Tuesday, McDonough 35 head coach Wayne Reese was quoted in the Times Picayune as saying that it was a broken collarbone and that the injury was not serious.

Today, we got the complete story from Breaux's father as he was waiting for Delvin to come out of surgery.

"It wasn't a broken collarbone," Mr. Breaux explained. "It was some chips in the bone in his neck and some small fractures. They are putting a plate in and the doctors said he should be back at full speed before long."

We will have more at a later time, but with Delvin still in surgery this was not the time to get the complete story as the family has more on their mind than talking to a reporter.

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