Miles talks Alabama on Monday

LSU coach Les Miles met with the media on Monday as LSU gets ready to return home and face the Alabama Crimson Tide.


"It was really a great team effort. You can tell that this football team wanted to win this game and wanted to accomplish and be rewarded for their efforts. The sideline was very significant in my opinion. Those guys in the game and those guys not in the game really were all in the same direction. Those of us that were there really enjoyed it. We fought through a hostile environment, some costly turnovers and a very fine Tennessee team. We thoroughly enjoyed it.


"Games that are big games when you play quality opponents always test you. This football team played with poise and understands that if they did the right things, hung together, played as a team that they would win. They did so."


"The defense played well from start to finish. Sixty-two yards of rushing -- our defensive front was not blocked most of the day. Glenn Dorsey has another big day and is our MVP. He played well. He played 49 snaps of the 50 defensive snaps. We couldn't get him off the field. He had three tackles, three tackles for loss, a sack, three pressures, caused a fumble. He just made every play that he could. We only gave up 180 yards in passing and 62 in rushing. 


"We still had opportunities to make plays on two passes that were big catches for touchdowns. Give Tennessee credit. They have good players. The quarterback (Jonathan Crompton) made some very good throws in that game. (Robert) Meachem is a very fine receiver. They are going to make plays too, but I thought this defense did everything they could do to give us an opportunity to win the game."


"Offensively, we had 41 minutes of possession time. Anytime that you can do that to an opponent it takes them out of their rhythm and takes theme out of what they are trying to get accomplished. We had four turnovers. If we avoid those things it certainly makes a lot easier to control the game. We are going to set out to correct those things. I think those things are easily correctable. I think our offense was tremendously productive on a day against a very stingy defense.


"It was an offensive performance that Tennessee defense hasn't seen up to this point. If you look at the two times in the game where maybe the stadium was the loudest or maybe there was more pressure to perform, you'd have to say that it was the second series in the second half when we gave them seven (points). Then the offense took the field and went right down the field and got seven back. Then the last series of the game, trailing after it appeared that our defense would stuff that offense the entire rest of the day, they made the big play and come off the mat from behind, which a good team does.


"It says that we are going to win to their fans and their fans respond and make that stadium a very difficult place to play. Our offense -- the 11 guys on that field -- just hung together. We had some penalties on that drive, but they did the right things. They did what they came there to do. We went 15 plays in just over 7 minutes. Early Doucet had five catches in that drive and the final one being the touchdown. That's great poise and that's mental toughness. It's just what you want. The team needs to be commended on how they played. Early Doucet, for his performance, was our MVP on offense."


"On special teams, when we play strong in all three phases, we are hard to handle. A couple of returns we had that one could have well busted it big. We averaged 40 yards net punting. We got backed up in our end zone, and Chris Jackson kicks a 52-yard punt that is covered. It was truly a team victory. The fake punt was executed extremely well by the guys on the field. They blocked it well, and Chris Jackson picks up necessary yardage and a first down. It changes the momentum of the game even when though we don't get the score. We keep the ball and the field position changes. It puts us in position to win."


"I enjoyed that game. I think our football team really felt saw what it takes to win on the road and understood the difficulties and what you have to fight through and did so.


"In November since 2003, we are 12-0. We look forward to improving and playing well and finishing this November strong. We understand that we are not in the exact position that we want to be, but we are playing ourselves into contention. We'll take them one at a time. We want to count a victory in each of the next three weekends, but you just never can tell where you might be. We would like to represent the (SEC) West. We would like to be at the Arkansas game on the road playing for this (SEC) Western Division. We want to put ourselves in position to have that happen. I think that is what this team is set on doing."


"Alabama was certainly disappointed with the loss against Mississippi State. The one thing that Mississippi State has done is they have improved. They have a quarterback who is not making mistakes. They have a young tailback that's really rushing the football. Their defense has always been strong, and so it was a very significant win that we had over Mississippi State in our stadium. It looks a little bit stronger now. I think that Alabama now coming off of that loss may be looking to make that same improvement. They are looking to play their very best football against us.


"In my opinion, they are very talented. They have a big, strong defensive front. They are very mobile, good tacklers. They are giving up 16 points a game, 277 yards on defense. They are one of the best defenses we will face. Offensively, they are scoring 24 points at 236 yards of offense. Their quarterback, John Parker Wilson, is not making mistakes and not turning the ball over. He's making the throws, making the checks. He's putting his offense in a chance to win. (Kenneth) Darby got some yards against us; I think 104 yards a year ago. (He) is a very talented tailback.


"They have a big, capable offensive line. DJ Hall as a receiver is the second leading receiver in the SEC. He is a very dangerous guy that can make plays. We will get their best shot. We understand that. We bring into the game the best defense in scoring and total defense in the SEC as well as the best offense in scoring and total offense in the SEC. We understand the match-up and enjoy the challenge. We'd like to encourage the feel of an opponent's stadium with some noise in it. It's something that we just this last Saturday. We look forward to coming home and filling this stadium and letting an Alabama team feel what it is like to play at Tiger Stadium."


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