Phelon will be at LSU/Bama

4-star cornerback Phelon Jones is heading to Baton Rouge this weekend for his premiere visit to Tiger Stadium

Tiger Rag was able to speak with Phelon Jones' dad and he sounded excited about the trip.


"We're bringing everybody," said Tony Jones. "His brother who plays for the New Orleans Voodoo is coming and his other brother who plays linebacker for Troy State is coming with us."


Jones said right now Phelon's favorite teams are LSU, Florida, Virginia Tech, Miami and Auburn. Even though LSU hasn't officially offered Phelon yet, Tony did say that he believes one is coming soon.


"He's been talking to the coaches as often as he can and they spoke on Monday," said Tony. "We can't make this an official visit because we won't have enough time. I'm Phelon's position coach and we are starting the state playoffs this week.


"We can't leave until Saturday and I have to be back Sunday for a coaches meeting. We are trying to plan the official on a weekend when we'll have more time."



Tony said that while LSU is close to the top of his list at this point but Phelon wants to take his time to make sure he makes the best decision.


"Right now Phelon plays both ways; some teams want him as a wide receiver and some want him as a corner," said Jones. "He wants to play cornerback, though."


Tony said the two of them have looked at the depth chart and that Phelon's childhood friend Chevis Jackson is keeping Phelon up to snuff.


"We've looked at that and that's something where you really just have to find your own way once you get to a school," said Jones. "Chevis is always giving him news from the front line and he said he feels like he can go over there and play. You know how all these seniors are, they all want to play early."




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