Miles address the media Sunday night

LSU coach Les Miles meet with members of the media on Sunday to discuss the Tigers' 28-14 win over Alabama. The following is a transcript of Miles' comments on Sunday:

Opening Statement


"Anytime you beat a quality Alabama team and do so the way we did it, you have to be pleased. Offensively, we moved the ball well. I think our defense, for the first time, had to overcome some issues. We lost (LB) Darry Beckwith in the middle of the game. We started playing two freshmen linebackers pretty regularly. We had to play aggressive in the passing game otherwise we just let them go down the field. Some of the mistakes that we made (in the secondary) were because we were too passive and giving too much cushion. We got into a game where the opponent was really moving the football for the first time against us. We got a couple of turnovers when we needed to. I think our team is coming. This (Ole Miss game) is going to be a good test. I think Ole Miss has a quality football team. I think we are by some issues, but we still have some improvement to take to heart. This team has done that each practice week."



On the team's injury status …


"(Jessie) Daniels has a legitimate chance (of playing), and (Craig) Davis has a legitimate chance (of playing). (Darry) Beckwith will be a decision late in the week."



On overcoming adversity …


"There comes a time in the season where your team has a feel for the week, the opponent and what they need to do. They turn instinctively and get it done. That is generally a mark of a really, really good football team. It entails work and practice and the process of never taking the opponent for granted. This team appears to me to be doing that on a regular basis. Obviously, it happened at Tennessee. This opponent (Alabama) came in and stole a possession on an onside kick, ran a fake and ran a great play off to the backside for a touchdown. They made some plays that they don't normally make because they felt they had to rise up and play against us and play their best. They did in all three phases -- offense, defense and special teams -- and our football team would not succumb. I like where we are going. We have two games left and each week is marked by how we play. I certainly think that last week was marked by a really good effort, a team effort, against a quality Alabama team."



On the improvement of the running game … 


"The offensive line is getting better. There is an anticipation of the ability to be physical and rush the football. We are growing in that area. It is a constant feel, a constant effort. I think our backs are aging and getting more comfortable in their roles. We are more ready now to rush the football."



On the play of quarterback JaMarcus Russell


"You are looking at a guy who will have a very successful career later in football. Watch him play. He is getting better. He has his team in mind. He's throwing balls away. He's running with ball security. He's improving in his ability to make throws."



On staying focused on Ole Miss …


"This game puts in position to do something that we want to do. We want to play ourselves into contention. The contender is the next Saturday. We want to be in contention, and beating Ole Miss is a necessity. It is key. It is a must game."


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