Clemson commit sees the sights at LSU

The LSU coaching staff had a surprise visitor show up over the weekend as Mountain Brook (Ala.) defensive end Drew Traylor (6-5, 220, 4.7) showed up.

Although he is committed to Clemson, Drew Traylor said he had a blast at LSU.


"I was really impressed for my first LSU game," said Traylor. "I know a lot of Alabama fans and they always talked about how rowdy LSU fans are. They are, but they also do it with a lot of class. That's what impressed me the most."


Traylor said that LSU compared favorably with Clemson.


"I was impressed a lot as far as students at the game go," said Traylor. "Everyone was so into the game. There are some schools where the students are paying attention to something else, but not at LSU, they are all about the game.


"I'd say the hospitality at both schools have been the best we've received of anywhere. We were treated the best at both schools."


Drew Traylor


Traylor said that while he has plans to honor his commitment to the Tigers from the ACC, an offer from LSU could make things interesting.


"I haven't received an offer from LSU, but they are one of my top schools other than Clemson," said Traylor. "Whatever happens, happens though; I came on this trip because I came in the summer and I got to see the school and everything, but I didn't really get a feel for what the student body was like.


"I really was impressed though. We talked with some frat guys who were sitting in front of us and those are just the kind of guys I see myself hanging out with."


Traylor said he took in all the sights and sounds of the pre-game festivities of an LSU game.


"We got in town and drove around a little, then we walked around the campus and went in front of the basketball facility and watched what was going on there," said Traylor. "We went and watched the Tiger Walk and it was just a great college football atmosphere."


Traylor said he doesn't know about returning for an official visit, because he hasn't received an offer.


"The coaches were just telling me to stay in contact," said Traylor. "They said they'll have to see what happens with the guys who already have offers.

After the game we went into the locker room and got to listen to the coaches and the players give their talks and stuff. It was pretty cool."



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