Miles talks to the media Sunday

LSU coach Les Miles postponed his Monday press luncheon to attend a memorial service for former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler, who died last Friday. The following are comments Miles made to the media Sunday night.

Opening Statement


"You tell your team that this is a rivalry game. You explain it to them. You go into your stadium, a place where we played seven games extremely well and had dominated our opponents. We were less than keyed. The difference between less than keyed and ready is significant. We played less than a passionate game until it became very evident that we would have to play well to win, and we did. The defense stepped up and played well. The crowd got into it. We scored the needed points, and we get a turnover in overtime and kicked the field goal to win. It is a lesson learned with victory. It's a whole lot easier to learn lessons with victory than the other way. It was less than perfect but certainly not we wanted."



On the significance of last night's game despite Arkansas' win at Mississippi State


"There's so much that's riding on a game in our stadium. Certainly, the goal is to win the (SEC) West, but the opportunity to play and win in your own stadium is a tremendous feel. It's something that your team needs at the end of every week. You have to have victory. To think that they are watching the scores and playing less than based on the fact that they are out of it, that is not the key. The key is that this opponent coming in, no matter what we said, was not taken to be as dangerous as they were. They are a good football team. They took every risk, and it put us in a position where we had to play well. I think you can say that the back end of the Tennessee game was very much like the back end of this game with the position of the game to go down to win. Having had that experience on the road certainly helped us."



On LSU's mistakes against Ole Miss


"The thing that frustrates me the most is that there were runs busted against our defense. We had guys that are unblocked. They should understand how to make that play really right there at the point of attack. Our return game, the ability to cover kicks and stop people from returning kickoffs and punts against us is frustrating. That has not been us all year. That has been one of the best things about our team. We kick off to them and they go get hit. Chris (Jackson) missed a couple of kicks. We didn't cover how we would have liked on the punt. Those are the things that are disappointing, and certainly, they must be addressed before we go to Arkansas."



On how energized Ole Miss was …


"When you keep an underdog in the game, with each second they grow more confident. That is the thing that we hadn't done in the past. We come out and got on top and continued to pressure. That is what happens in a game when that team continues to stick around. They run a fake punt on fourth (down) and one and get it. They run another fake punt and it costs them seven points. The onside kick, they get the ball on the short field. We miss an assignment again. That is a sharpness issue. They score on 25 yards. How many 25 yard plays have you seen go against us in a score? It was a screen. They had the open week. They came in and played an inspired game. We were ready to play but not inspired and not as keyed as we have been before."



On preparing for Arkansas


"We have some preliminary stuff going. That all has to be reconfirmed to the team today. This day is busier by that we bring the team in to get rid of last week's game today. We don't usually do that until Monday, but because of the short week we want to get that over with today. Tomorrow will be an expanded Monday practice."



On looking forward to the remainder of the season …


"I am proud of this senior class. This senior class leaves the field with eight home victories. They are one step closer to tying the all-time winningest senior class with the opportunity to be the all-time winningest senior class. There's a lot to play for. We look forward to the remainder of the season. Arkansas is a great challenge. We can't wait."


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