Is Jarvis leaning to the Aggies?

Finding one more offensive tackle in this class is of the utmost importance for the LSU staff and Jarvis Jones of Rosenberg (Texas) Lamar Consolidated is one of the top dogs on LSU's board.

LSU running backs coach Larry Porter is recruiting the big 6-6, 260-pounder and he was in Jones' home on Tuesday night to pay him a little visit.


"He (Porter) is actually here right now," Jones told Tiger Rag around 8 p.m. "I am letting him and my mom talk right now. He is going over my grades and telling her all about the campus and showing where things are."


One thing that Porter wanted to talk to Jones about was setting up his official visit to LSU but it looks like that will have to wait a little longer.


"Our team made a pack that we were going to focus on our season and that is what we are doing right now," said Jones. "I know I'm going to take one to LSU for sure when my season ends but that is about it right now."


As for the other visits Jones said that he was unsure of where they would go.


"I really have no idea," he said. "This is a very important decision for me but to be honest with you I haven't been giving it a whole lot of it thought because of our season."


One place the big Texan has been to several times is College Station to check out Texas A&M. In fact, he has been there so much that he doesn't even know if he will use up an official on the Aggies.


"I've been there so many times so I don't know if I need to go for an official," he said. "I really know about all there is know."


Some consider Jarvis Jones a lean to the Aggies and that they are the team to beat.


Is that the case?


"No, not really," he said. "I've been there a lot but there are still some places I need to go."



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