Nation's best WR enjoyed Baton Rouge

Terrance Toliver is the nation's No. 1 wide receiver and the top target on LSU's board at that position. This weekend the Hempstead (Texas) product made his official visit to LSU this weekend and it confirmed what he had believed all along.

"It was a pretty good trip," said Terrance Toliver. "I had always had LSU near the top and this trip made me realize why. I had already seen the facilities but I got a chance to hang out with the coaches and players and everybody, and that was really cool."


Toliver said that his top three in order are LSU, Florida and USC. He took a trip to USC earlier in the year and said that although he couldn't compare the two, he enjoyed his time at both.


"There's really no way to compare the two," said Toliver. "I enjoyed myself at both schools, it's just I really enjoyed this trip to LSU. They've been one of my top schools all along, if not, the top."


Toliver said he took a quick flight in Friday and checked in to his hotel and went to meet with all the coaches and players. His player host was Danny McCray who helped tour him around campus and introduce him to the other players.


Toliver said he liked the fact that it was a quick flight.


"I mean, LSU is closer than USC or any of the other schools," said Toliver. "That's something that could definitely affect my decision later."


The 5-star receiver got an extensive tour of the campus on Saturday, when he met with coaches and players and professors.


"I was really impressed with their academic center," said Toliver. "It was all very state of the art. I liked the practice facility because it was close to the coach's offices and the stadium. When I talked to the coaches they just talked about how Dwayne Bowe is leaving and that I'd have a good chance to come in and start as a freshman if I was willing to do the work. I told them that I'm not afraid of hard work."


Toliver said that while this trip did make him excited about LSU, he is still far from making a commitment.


"I know that it is 100 percent my choice," he said. ‘So, I just want to make the right one. I'm going to sit down with my coach now that I've taken all my visits and everything and really think about what's best for me."


As for rating the trip on a scale of 1-10, Toliver said he gave it the same mark as when he went to USC for the Notre Dame game.


"This was an 8 but it would've been a 10 if I could have seen a game," he said.



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