POSTGAME: LSU vs. Washington

Here's what Washington coach Lorenzo Romar and LSU coach John Brady had to say afterwards.

Postgame Quotes
LSU vs. Washington
December 20, 2006


General Comments:
"From day one we tried to preach to our team that you can have a lot of fun in the game of basketball, but in order to have fun you have to work hard. You have to work your tail off on the defensive end and you have to rebound. If you do those things at a high level you get to have a lot of fun because it pays off for you on the defensive end. I thought that tonight we modeled that in every way. I don¹t mean to brag on them, but our front line was pretty good tonight. For Jon Brockman to battle Glen Davis the way he did for the 30 minutes that he was in there was something really special. If you have ever doubted John Brockman and wondered where the hype is, there it is."

On defending Glen Davis:
"Basically we played a certain style of defense that allowed us to make adjustments based on our personnel. We just wanted to limit his touches. When he did touch the ball we wanted to make sure that we loaded up on him in the paint, meaning that four guys would be in the paint. They took advantage of that by passing it out a couple times, but their big scorer wasn¹t scoring very much."

On Spencer Hawes:
"He showed a lot of confidence out there tonight and he knocked his shots down. Something that we have continued to tell him so often when you are a seven-footer is to get under the basket, but I think the great players can do both. It is just a matter of him shooting with confidence and I think that was the most impressive thing. He also had 12 rebounds and I think that is the first time that he has had double digit rebounds this year."

On transitioning from a being a perimeter team last year to relying on the frontcourt:
"It makes for a less stressful situation because you are taking such high percentage shots. We used to get high percentage shots with guards in the past because we would penetrate and kick it out so guards could get open for shots. We have been putting the ball inside so that you can pound the offensive boards. With 21 rebounds, you are going to shoot a better percentage than before."

On Quincy Pondexter:
"Quincy has a lot of pride and he just took it upon himself to get into the paint and get aggressive. I think that really good players sometimes just play the game and let the game come to them. Tonight, Quincy was concentrating on winning the basketball game. When he was 0-2 at halftime he didn¹t try to force any more shots, he just came out and played. He waited for the game to just come his way."


General Comments:
"We got beat within six to eight feet of the goal. We got out rebounded by 10 we gave up 21 offensive rebounds and (Jon) Brockman and (Spencer) Hawes showed our guys what playing hard is all about. That was the game, the rest of it was not much. Thirteen turnovers, they had nine, turnovers were fine. It was just from six to eight feet from the goal we got it handed to us. Hawes and Brockman, showed our guys what it is all about to play hard the whole time. And that is the game, the rest of it does not mean that much to me. Those guys just beat us every which way possible. That has not happened to us in a long time. We got it handed to us tonight, by those two guys."
On if he felt his team performed sluggish:
"I didn't think that we were sluggish the other night and I didn't think that we were sluggish tonight. I don't have any excuses, those two guys introduced us to playing hard. "
On Washington's rebounding:
"Well I didn't know that, I am just telling you that is what I see now. I think that throughout the game they physically whipped us, from the start Glen Davis was getting the ball three to five feet from the goal and he can't convert or get fouled. They whipped us from that point on, it was a mismatch. "
On if he consciously went away from Glen Davis and the post game to a perimeter game:
"I never went away from him, Tasmin (Mitchell) is our second leading scorer, he better have a big game. We didn't go away from Glen, there was not a conscious effort to do anything, he just struggled out there. They did a nice job double-teaming him, but he handled the double team. He only had two turnovers, he wound up with nine rebounds which is not bad. He could never get anything going, he was 3-11 from the floor, and I only recall one shot that he took from outside of 15 feet. It was just the physical play of Brockman and Hawes, therein lies the game. You can talk about what ever you want to talk about but there is nothing else to say. Whoever played in our four and five spots was getting beat."
On playing in Bank of America Arena:
"That was not a factor, we were not concerned. We play in places like this in our conference every night. A lot of these guys went to the Final Four last year, that was not a concern. We are a consistent, inconsistent perimeter shooting team. If we cannot score at all on the post and we give up post baskets it is not going to work how ever you try us."

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