Toliver says still 50-50

With the smoke now cleared from the BCS bowl season, the country's top rated wide receiver, Terrance Toliver, says he is still in the same position he was before.

"It's still 50-50 between LSU and Florida," he said. "They are both great teams that I would love to play for."


Prior to the bowl games, Toliver told Tiger Rag that the two team's performances in the BCS could help him make he decision.


Did Florida topping Ohio State to claim the National Championship help to win him over?


"No it didn't change anything," he said of Florida's win. "Both teams played real well in their bowl games. I thought the Florida game would be closer, but I knew they would win, and I already knew LSU was going to blow out Notre Dame."


"They even won by the same score," he said with a laugh, "So it didn't really clear anything up. It's a hard decision right now."



Toliver said that he is unsure of what he will do next in the recruiting process, as there are not any coaches coming to visit that he knows of just yet, though they will more than likely be making their appearances again soon.


His last contact with the staff at LSU came Monday night, he said. This time however, it was him making the calls instead of the other way around.


"I called the coaches at LSU before the Sugar Bowl," he said. "They haven't been allowed to call me, so I wanted to call them and wish them luck. Coach Porter is the one I've been keeping in touch with the most. He's a cool guy. I have nothing but nice things to say about him.


"I also called coach (Todd) Monken last night and talked for a little while. We talked about the offensive coordinator opening and he said that they are going to run the same offense they did before so not to worry. "


What about contact with the coaches at Florida?


"I haven't been able to talk to Florida," he said. "They've been texting some. I'm letting them take care of their business right now."


Another thing Toliver was very vocal about was participating in the Army All-American game last weekend, an opportunity he says he will never forget.


"It's funny, because that was the first time I didn't get nervous before a game," he said. "It was just so fun. There were so many great football players there; it was like a college atmosphere. I got to meet a lot of great personalities. Some of the guys there were really funny.


"I was also really impressed with the coaching staff. I have to compliment them first. They were great. And, I have to thank God for giving me that opportunity. When I scored that touchdown, it was like a dream. It was unreal. I thought it was a great experience."


Though the Army game was a stage where several top athletes announced where they would be headed for college, Toliver says his decision is going to take more time, likely going all the way up to signing day.


"It's looking that way," he said.

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