Phelon Jones listens to Saban then LSU 4-star cornerback Phelon Jones (6-1, 192, 4.38) switched his commitment from Miami to LSU back in November but that did not stop college coaches from pursuing his skills.

Phelon Jones and his father, Tony Jones, have told all of the coaches that he was solid with his pledge to Les Miles and most have turned elsewhere to fill their needs.


I say most because one coach that does not want to take "No" for an answer is Alabama's new coach Nick Saban.


Saban was at Toolen-McGill High School today to meet with Phelon and Tony with the hopes of convincing them to take an official visit to Alabama and eventually flipping him over to the Crimson Tide.


How did that meeting go?


"Coach Saban was here at school for four hours today and he spent an hour talking to just Phelon," explained Tony. "He is an impressive guy and he understands how college athletics work. They want us to come up there this weekend to take a visit but we're not visiting. We have a lot of respect for Nick Saban but we just don't think it's the right place for Phelon."


Tony said that Saban made a strong pitch for Phelon's services but in the end he got the same answer that all of the coaches have gotten.


"We told him we were going to LSU," said Tony. "He then kept telling us all of the benefits of going to Alabama. He was telling us that he is a defensive backs coach and he has done well coaching the secondary. He loves Phelon's size and athletic ability. He said that he had some guys at the Dolphins that didn't look as good as Phelon looks."



The local Crimson Tide fans around Mobile have anxiously waiting for something positive to develop with Phelon and Bama and the local news media was there on campus hoping to get some breaking news.


"We walked outside our football complex and they had three television stations set up. Phelon was on the news and the fist thing they asked him was ‘Did you de-commit'?"


What did Phelon say?


"He said no," stated Tony.


Not long after Saban and the other Alabama coaches left, LSU sent Bo Pelini, Josh Henson and Doug Mallory to make sure that Phelon and Tony knew how important he was in their eyes.


"They came in and said that Phelon you are our cornerback and we think you are going to be a pretty good college player," explained Tony. "They made us feel like LSU really cares about Phelon and that they want Phelon to play for them."


Tony said that Saban plans to call them Wednesday night to make another pitch for getting them to visit this weekend but after hearing what he had to say about LSU it doesn't look promising for the Crimson Tide.


"We like LSU and I say we I mean all of us," said Tony. "I mean me, Phelon, his mom, all of us. We like everything about LSU. We like the fans and think that LSU has the best fans in the world. We just hope that they accept us the way that we accept them.


"We like the coaches and the class that Les Miles is bringing in. This class right here has a chance to be No. 1 in the country and we're going to win a national championship with this group."


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