Will Ebner enjoyed Jr. Day at LSU

Houston (Texas) Friendswood linebacker Will Ebner (6-1, 225, 4.61) was excited about making the trip East for junior day at LSU and he said that he was not disappointed when he got to the Capital City.

"The way the coaches were and how they had everything set up, I was just really impressed," said Ebner. "The facilities were state of the art and the whole thing was well organized. I can't pick out just one thing that stood out, it was all so good."


Academics are very important to the hard-hitting linebacker and he said he did find out how serious LSU is about education.


"I wasn't sure how serious about academics they were going to be," said Ebner. "I learned that they are very serious. They made it clear that you are coming to LSU to get a degree, not just play football. There are programs to make sure you go to class and turn in assignments and I liked that a lot."


Bradley Dale Peveto is a close friend to the Ebner family and he was able to have a good chat with the Tigers' linebackers coach .


"I talked to him for a while and he was just saying how he was interested in me and things like that," said Ebner. "He said that because I missed my junior season that they were still evaluating me."


Ebner missed the 2006 season with a mild meniscus tear, from which he has now fully recovered.


Although the visit was impressive, it was the long car ride to Baton Rouge from Houston that gave Ebner time to think about his future. Last week he told Tiger Rag that he would commit to LSU if given an offer. He is now starting to give that statement a little thought.


"I had a long talk with my dad and another guardian of mine, and right now I wouldn't say I'd do it," said Ebner, whose grandfather played for LSU. "I am going to make sure I make a good decision, but I was very impressed with everything. The meeting with coach Les Miles was great and overall I had a really good time."



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