Miles recaps first week of spring drills

Before hopping a plane to Orlando, Fla to speak at a Nike Coaching Clinic, coach Les Miles addressed the media after the fourth practice of the spring concluded.

Although the team is yet to go live with full pads and full contact, Miles still seems pleased with the strides his team has made in preparation for the spring game on March 24.


"I like what we're doing," Miles said. "I like the team's attitude. They're working at it. It's where it should be for four practices in."


A beautiful Saturday weather-wise went hand in hand with some beautiful executions by several players including senior quarterback Matt Flynn who Miles named among others.


"Today's practice was real fun," Miles said. "Young guys are getting better. It was real enthusiastic. It was what we needed. It was a beautiful day. Richard Murphy had a couple of nice runs. Flynn threw a couple of nice passes. Perrilloux is enjoying the new offense. On defense, we're having a nice time enjoying that – Tyson Jackson. It was a good day. It was a really good day."


While players like Flynn are stepping up to fill in for players who opted to go pro such as his predecessor JaMarcus Russell and others who are battling for open spots from players who graduated and will enter the draft next month.


Miles possibly could have slipped up naming Flynn the starting quarterback without saying so in so many words which seems to have happened more than once during interviews.


When asked about the holding situation on extra points Miles mentioned he likes "to think the back up would be very comfortable there but Matt's been doing it for a couple of years".


Take it as you may.


However, other players are getting the opportunity to move up on the depth chart because players who are still eligible for play are dealing with other issues off the field.


Maybe one of the most noticeably missing players on the field this spring is former standout running back Alley Broussard.


The senior put up big numbers as an underclassman but seems to have gotten into some trouble which will possibly keep him off the field another week.


This past week Broussard mentioned on campus he would return Monday for practice, but Miles said it could be longer.


"Alley is still working through some issues," Miles said. "He might be back next week."


Junior punter Brady Dalfrey may have to wait longer to rejoin the team following academic issues that will keep him from rejoining the team until next summer or possibly next fall.


With the absence of graduating seniors and other players dealing with off the field issues, other players have used the opportunity to catch the eye of Miles and his coaching staff.


Junior defensive back Curtis Taylor is among a few names Miles mentioned.


 "I think he is one of those guys who realize it is his turn," Miles said. "All the time they spent preparing to play and backing up and not playing as much as they'd like was growing for these opportunities."


Miles also praised the work of senior offensive lineman Carnell Stewart who could be seen playing a lot of football come fall.


While Miles is adamant on finding position fillers, he still keeps half of his focus on back ups for each position in case the time comes they are needed for game situations.


 "They snap and the guy gets hurt," Miles said. "You've have an entire different lineup. It's imperative for all backups to get as many reps as they can. We're 50-50 right now. First teams get fifty and second teams get fifty."


The Tigers will return to practice Monday before its first scrimmage Tuesday.


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