Q&A with Miles on Saturday

Les Miles met with the media after Saturday's workout. Here's a blow by blow account of what he had to say.

Opening Statement:


I'd like to take this opportunity to invite all the high school youth coaches on the 15th, 16th and 17th we have our own clinic. It's a real treat to offer the high school state champions in the state of Louisiana and Alabama and Mississippi as well as Bill McCartney. Bill McCartney does not take speaking engagements that are not in the line of spiritual but he was both a high school state champion in both football and basketball in the same year in the state of Michigan and a national championship as a collegiate coach so we're thrilled. He will speak on Friday the 16th on 1 p.m. We certainly invite the entire state.


Today's practice was real fun. Young guys are getting better. It was real enthusiastic. It was what we needed. It was a beautiful day. Richard Murphy had a couple of nice runs. Flynn threw a couple of nice passes. Perrilloux is enjoying the new offense. On defense, we're having a nice time enjoying that – Tyson Jackson. It was a good day. It was a really good day.



On Keith Zinger:


Zinger is full go. He hasn't missed a beat, he's getting stronger and he's more confident. He's starting the spring well. I think he's No. 1 in certain personnel groups.



On Alley Broussard:


Alley is still working through some issues. He might be back next week.



On Bradley Dalfrey:


Brady Dalfrey could rejoin the team next summer or next fall – academic issues.



On Rickey Jean-Francois


He's still got some hurdles to clear but he's showing aggressively and doing everything we're asking him to do.



On Carnell Stewart:


Carnell Stewart is improving. Guys that you root for it gets to be their chance and their time and this spring is important to them. It's his time. Every spring there are those guys that they realize coaches are looking at them. It's a great opportunity, graduation is happening just in front of them and they're in position. Those guys who realize that will get to play a lot of football.


He probably has more natural ability than Peter. Peter was just precise coached, seasoned and ready to play.


Carnell's athleticism is really less than we'd like. On the offensive side it's a little bit more –a little bit more athletic than some of those guys. Quick feet, comes off the ball well – his athleticism will be an advantage to him.



On the quarterbacks:


Ryan Perrilloux, Flynn and Fisher are all taking snaps. I want the best – the guy who gives us the opportunity to score points. I like to think the back up would be very comfortable there but Matt's been doing it for a couple of years. Either quarterback would be an advantage for us there.



On the punt return situation:


Punt returner: Looks a lot better. We're just getting an enormous amount of time. I think Jared Mitchell – I think you could look forward to seeing Early Doucet, Trindon Holliday and Jai Eugene all back there at some point.



On Curtis Taylor:


Curtis Taylor: I think he is one of those guys who realize it is his turn. All the time they spent preparing to play and backing up and not playing as much as they'd like was growing for these opportunities. There's a chance his athleticism may be better than LaRon Landry. He's a really good athlete. Could he play corner? Possibly. And Jai is getting some nickel work so there's definitely some competition.



On the number of snaps everyone gets:


They snap and the guy gets hurt. You've have an entire different lineup. It's imperative for all backups to get as many reps as they can. We're 50-50 right now. First teams get fifty and second teams get fifty.



On the receivers:


Obviously Early Doucet and Brandon LaFell look pretty good. Both Jared and Chris are coming along. Ricky Dickson has taking some strides in four practices.



On the team's attitude


I like what we're doing. I like the team's attitude. They're working at it. It's where it should be for four practices in.



On Jared Mithcell:


He just occasionally comes over here and starts swinging bats and realizes he's in the wrong ball field. We haven't had any problems there at all. I know got to be difficult on Jared because the focus is very significantly different. It's the advantage and disadvantage of being a two sport athlete. The advantage is he gets to play both sports. The disadvantage is he gets to play both sports.



On if they were live Saturday:


We didn't do any live work today. Two practices in pads. We'll go live on Tuesday.


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