LSU expecting surprise visitors this weekend

The LSU coaches will have a couple of surprise visitors this weekend as highly touted offensive tackle JB Shugarts and running back Sam McGuffie are heading to Louisiana's capital city.

"We both went to Oklahoma's Junior Day together," said the 6-7, 300-pound lineman. "We're pretty much interested in the same schools and it's like we know that if one of us gets invited to something like that, the other one is going to come. We hang out and chill a lot, and we like to visit different campuses and chill over there. We're probably going to end up at the same school"

Last season Shugarts was voted to the first team all-greater Houston and made the first team all-combine at the junior combine in San Antonio.

McGuffie has a track meet Friday afternoon, so the duo will not be leaving until either late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

"I'm just coming in to meet with the new offensive line coach," said Shugarts. "I talked with the old one a lot. Also I want to come and check out the campus."

When Tiger Rag talked to Shugarts, he had just gotten off the phone with LSU linebackers coach Bradley Dale Peveto.

"We just talked about this weekend and what we're going to do when we get there," said Shugarts. "I'm going to get to see the new facilities and even watch a practice. I like him (Peveto) because he's really nice. I talk with him about once a week. I just think he's a great coach."

The highly recruited Shugarts had originally narrowed his top four schools, and LSU was not in it. Shugarts said that's when LSU started recruiting a little harder.

"I have close to 30 offers right now, but my top teams are Oklahoma, Florida, Ohio State, Michigan and LSU," adding, "and Alabama might be in there. They all contend for a national title every year. I like all their coaches a lot. They have great academics, nice campuses and nice people.

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