Q&A with Matt Mauck

LSU's starting quarterback discusses his first start and the upcoming game with The Citadel.

Q: Coach Saban said he challenged the team as a whole, not just the offense. What's the team's feeling right now about that challenge?

A: I think everybody feels, not really embarrassed, but that we didn't perform the way we should have at Virginia Tech. He challenged us and I think we're ready to meet it. We can't wait to get out there and prove we're a better team than we showed on Sunday.


Q: After looking at film of the Virginia Tech game, assess your performance – what you liked and didn't like.

A: I thought I played hard and tried to make the plays I thought I could. There were certain throws I could have made better, could have done some things better.

Overall, I would have like to have played better, but I don't think I played horrible. Obviously I didn't play well enough for us to win, and that's the most important thing…


Q: Is the speed of the game a big difference from the pace of things in practice?

A: Actually, our practices are so intense that it's almost – not that it's slower in the game, but things seem less confusing. Sometimes coach Saban will send so many blitzes at the offense that when you get in the game, it's almost like you can see things better.

The quickness of playing against other guys (is different). In practice, guys are so tired because you're doing it day in and day out. In a game, the speed is a little faster but sometimes I feel it's a little easier in terms of being able to read things and see things open up.


Q: Was Virginia Tech as fast as they looked?

A: They're a great team and they were fast, but I think we're still a good team. We should have definitely given them a better challenge than what we did.


Q: Did you see a focused team in practice this week?

A: Really Monday we couldn't do much. You just kind of walk-through since everybody's so sore. Tuesday was a lot better practice. (Wednesday), it was so wet out there. We were outside the whole time. It's kind of hard to judge. I think guys tried to come out with a good attitude, but with the ball so wet a lot of mistakes happened. It could have been different maybe if the field wasn't so wet. It's so hard to judge from it.


Q: What was Wednesday's practice like? It was like a mini-hurricane out there.

A: The whole time we were thinking: "I guess we're going to go inside." We stayed out, stayed out, stayed out. Your feet, you were soaked the whole time.

It was pretty rough but you never know, we may play in a game like that so it's good practice.


Q: In preparation for that first start, how nervous were you? Did you throw-up, get nervous, any feelings of panic?

A: Not really. I kind of thought I should have been more nervous than what I was. I was probably more nervous after the game thinking: "What's everybody going to say?" I was nervous but not as bad as I thought it would be.


Q: How frustrating were the receivers' drops and how do you bounce back from that?

A: I look at it and say: there's going to be plenty of balls that I throw bad and receivers are going to make a great play on. You can't look at it as the reason we lost was the drops, or the reason my numbers weren't good. You can't look at it like that. We have a good receiving corps and they're going to catch those balls. I still have the utmost confidence in them.


Q: What's the most important thing to do against The Citadel?

A: Score points. I think that's the big thing. And I think we just want to be more consistent – not so many three-and-outs. We want to put some drives together and just solidify our offense, make sure we're doing things with everybody's on the same page.

No mental mistakes and things like that. I think that's the most frustrating thing.

Physical mistakes, you can understand when players are tired and you don't like it. But mental mistakes are what so hard to take for me, and I'm sure the coaches too.


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