Q & A with Matt Mauck

LSU's starting quarterback speaks with reporters about his game against The Citadel.

Opening statement 

I think I improved from the last game, but I still think there's a long way for us to go on offense. I thought we ran the ball real well. I felt like things went a lot smoother. Obviously after the first game, we needed some cohesiveness. I thought it went a lot better as far as everybody getting the plays and getting in the right spot. It's a win. That's the most important thing.


Q: Are these growing pains?

A: I think so. It was better than we did last week, and I think we're going to better next week. That's what you hope for.


Q: LSU fans are known at times to panic. What would you say to those who are panicking a little bit right now?

A: I can just tell you this: I promise we're going to work as hard as we can – I know I will. I plan on doing nothing but getting better throughout the whole year.


Q: Can you talk about your line play? I didn't seem you had as much pressure on you today.

A: No, not at all. Our offense line did a real nice job. When we're running the ball that well, I think it also helps take a little bit of pressure off of you as a quarterback.


Q: You threw pretty well on short passes, but did the wet ball affect you on the long passes?

A: A little bit, but there was a couple plays I wished I would have hit the receiver or at least gotten a little closer. It had a little effect but not that much.


Q: At what point does it become a concern in terms of teams game-planning you and putting eight and nine in the box to see if you can throw it?

A: I still think we're going to have a great offense, or a good offense at least, and we're going to be able to run the ball and throw the ball equally as effective. I think we're going to improve each week. We did a little bit better this week than last week, and I think next week we're going to improve again.


Q: Where did you think you improved the most, and where did you think the team improved the most?

A: I think controlling the line of scrimmage is where the team improved the most. I think I felt a little more comfortable taking the reps and doing everything. I think it felt a little better. It wasn't all three-and-out. There was a couple of a times we didn't move the ball like we wanted to, but I felt for the most part that we did a decent job.


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