REPORT CARD: LSU Hoops 2006-07

To close out the 2006-07 season, Tiger Rag hands out the final marks on the Tigers' performance this season.



John Brady has been criticized for not having a "true" point guard, and that is one of the biggest detriments to the team this season.


Say what you will, but losing Tack Minor hurt this team more than anything. While Minor was prone to make mistakes, he could handle the ball well, make plays and provide a solid seven to eight points per game. Remember, seven or eight more points per game would have had LSU in the Big Dance as a five-seed.


The addition of Terry Martin looked to be the spark LSU needed, but the Texas Tech transfer proved to be too hot and cold. It was either 23 a game for Martin or zero. His streaky shooting killed LSU in close games.


Garrett Temple may be the most valuable player on this team. He is the team's "true" leader. The Tigers' best defender, he ran the point most of the time and was called on to score points. This guy did everything but drive the bus. However, in the end, he wasn't a very reliable scorer and was also a streaky shooter.


Tasmin Mitchell proved to be the Tigers' most consistent scorer. But with the lack of a secondary inside presence, Mitchell was forced to pull double duty in the paint and it took away from his abilities as a guard.


Dameon Mason never developed the way everyone thought he could. While very athletic and a great defender, Mason couldn't score consistently, and his ball handling skills were not all that great.


Ben Voogd was a nice stabilizer for the team. He was capable of running the offense, but he wasn't the best ball handler when pressured and was never a real threat on the offensive end of the floor.


The fact LSU could barely get the ball inbounded against Tennessee and Ole Miss in the SEC Tournament proves this team is far from where it needs to be in terms of guard play.


Grade: D+





This is all that can be said about LSU's big men:  When your 6-9, All-American center spends more time on the perimeter than he does in the paint, you've got big problems.


So many times you wanted to scream at Glen Davis to "get under the goal, rebound the ball, block out, bust up that triple team and convert the three-point play!"


Unfortunately, even if everyone would have done that in unison, Davis wouldn't have heard them. He was too bust listening to the voices in his head saying "extend your game, you've got to have an outside shot in the NBA, gotta shoot the three."


And when Davis wasn't jacking up 3-pointers, he was hamming it up for ESPN's cameras and adding to his ever-growing image. It is a shame that Davis got away from the things he did in 2006 that put the Tigers in the Final Four, opting to try and extend his game to the perimeter and show off his "skills" for the NBA scouts.


In the long run, Davis' agendas only hurt his draft stock as well as the team he once carried on his back all the way to the Final Four. Davis will likely be gone for the NBA after this season, a move that will be in the best interest for all parties involved.


As for LSU's other post players, Darnell Lazare had his moments this season, including a sparkling 22-point performance in the Tigers' 71-70 loss at Ole Miss. But for the most part, he was nothing more than a solid role player.


Magnum Rolle was billed as Tyrus Thomas' replacement coming into the season. While Rolle is awfully athletic, he lacked the girth and physical strength to provide LSU with a solid four inside.


Grade: C+






While many people will disagree, there was little more Brady could have done with this 2006-07 team.


If you think back to LSU's run to the Final Four, everything went their way. The Tigers got clutch shots at critical junctures, and the ball bounced their way almost every time.


You could say the exact opposite for this season's team that lost more close games than anyone could imagine.


It just didn't seem to be in the cards for Brady's bunch in 2007, all the way from Texas' overtime win in Houston to Ole Miss and Georgia's buzzer beaters in league play.

There is no doubt Brady aged a lot this season. The question now is this: Can he gather himself and his players and get back to where the Tigers need to be in 2008?


Grade: B-

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