Jones ready to make move to Baton Rouge

When offensive tackle Jarvis Jones moves to Baton Rouge in June, it will be the first place he has lived outside of Texas.

"I'm very excited and I just can't wait to get there," said Jones. "Just to leave and go somewhere new will be fun for me. I hadn't even left my hometown except to go on college visits."


Jones said he is taking care of business with school in order to be able to make it into LSU.


"School is going real good," said Jones. "I'm meeting all my requirements and I'm just doing everything I can to graduate. I should finish with a 3.1 or 3.2. I'm looking forward to finishing all of my classes because I have so many exciting things ahead of me."


Other than studying hard for school, Jones also has been trying to keep up with the work-out book he received after signing with the Tigers.


"The second day after I signed I got it," said Jones. "It's a pretty tough work out and pretty hard to keep up with, but I'm doing my best. I know it's good for me, though, and will prepare me for LSU. I'm gaining a little weight and up close to 270 right now."


Jones said he still talks with LSU running backs coach Larry Porter every couple days or so.


"We just talk about how school is going and he tells me to stay focused on my grades," said Jones. "Graduating is the most important thing right now and then I'll be coming out ready to go play football."

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