Q&A with Byron Dawson

One of LSU's starting defensive tackles talks about The Citadel game and previews Miami of Ohio.

Q: What did you think of your team's effort against The Citadel?

A: We were on the rebound and I think we came out and played hard. We just wanted to come together as a team and put some good plays together, clean up some of the mistakes we made against Virginia Tech.


Q: Coach Saban said after the game he's really looking for a bigger push from the front four. With the two guys you have at the ends, are you surprised you didn't have any sacks this week?

A: No, a lot of times the quarterback gets rid of the ball. You really just want to get him off his sequence and get in there, destroy them, mess them up. We always improve. We're going to work hard each week to get better.

Q: What can you do against a big quarterback like Miami's Ben Roethlisberger do affect his passing? He's kind of like Kentucky's Jared Lorenzen but you still want to get in there and get in his face.

A: Yeah, we want to get in his face and throw him off his game. That's the plan going in. We want to get after him as a defensive line.

Q: Is there anything different you have to do knowing that he's a passing quarterback as opposing to the running teams you've played the last two games?

A: We can run more stunts inside and set up more blitzes. It's always our plan to get there with four guys so we don't have to get our linebackers out of coverage. We're just going to try and pick it up as a front and get in there.

Q: How was it to get Kenderick Allen back in there?

A: Ken's been here with me for five years and brings a lot of know-how and experience. He's been here through a lot of different schemes and coaches, so it's always good to have a guy like that with a lot of experience. We really need him on the defensive line -- the more, the better. It's a position where you need a lot of guys ready to play, so we're happy and proud to have Ken back.

Q: Is this week going to have a similar tone - playing with toughness and aggressiveness - or is this the week the team takes the next step and really puts it all together?

A: We know this is getting into the final stretch, and we want to clean up some things. We need to play some better ball. We're not pleased with how we played last week. We're focused on improvement.

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