Crist is close

Dayne Crist just finished taking his unofficial visits with a trip to Notre Dame and said he is close to making a decision between LSU, USC and Notre Dame.

"I should have my decision within the next two weeks," said Crist. "I'm going to meet with my coach and family and get input from everyone before I sit down and make my decision."


After his trip to Notre Dame, Crist said he realized how different his final three schools were.


"I mean the climate was obviously different, but there are individual things about each school that are completely different," said Crist. "If they were the same, then what would be the point of having more than one school to choose from. Their differences make them special and it's what makes the recruiting process what it is."


Crist said spring practices will give him a much-welcomed respite form recruiting.


"You kind of get caught up in which school you want to go to and all that, but it's important to remember that the reason I'm playing football is to win a high school state championship," said Crist. "It's going to be good to get back on the field and just be a high school student playing football."


Crist said his trip to Notre Dame did shed a lot of light on a school he only had an idea about.


"It was good to go up there," he said. "The campus is beautiful and the facilities are great. I didn't know that the new athletic facility was built two years ago; it was really nice. I got to meet with the coaches and that was big for me because I got to really sit down and talk with them and get a better understanding of what they're about."


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