Q&A with Dwayne Bowe

The following is a Q&A with Dwayne Bowe from Warpaint Illustrated, the Scout.com website that covers the Kansas City Chiefs.

Q: How does it feel to be drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs?

BOWE: "It's a great feeling. Kansas City was my last visit that I went on and I loved it up there. The staff and facilities were nice and I'm ready to go there right now and go to work."

Q: Have you followed the Chiefs at all?

BOWE: "A little bit because they have a former LSU player in WR Eddie Kennison. I also like watching RB Priest Holmes and RB Larry Johnson.

Q: What did the coaches say when they called you after you were picked?

BOWE: "They said that they got me and now it's time for me to come in and get to work. I told them that I'm on my way to booking a flight and I'll be there."

Q: How would you describe yourself as a wide receiver?

BOWE: "I'm intimidating and when I'm on the field everybody knows that I'm going to work whether it is catching, blocking or running. Whatever it takes to win; that's what I add to the team. Most people look at me as a big dominating blocker who can catch the ball and do something with it. I see myself as an all-around receiver."

Q: Are your blocking skills something that you take extra pride in?

BOWE: "A receiver doesn't just receive the ball. A lot of guys get it confused and just catch the ball looking pretty. With me, and the coaching staff that I went through, emphasized blocking and being a total package receiver. That is what most NFL teams look for; not being so selfish and just catching the ball. I took pride in that and it paid off for me."

Q: What city are you in right now?

BOWE: "I'm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana right now."

Q: What are your expectations coming in here for next year? Do you think that you can come in and receive playing time immediately?

BOWE: "Most definitely; that's my goal to come in right away and play. I'll come in and learn the system, get the plays down and go to work."

Q: Have you been contacted by Eddie Kennison yet?

BOWE: "I have one-hundred missed calls and one-hundred text messages, so I'm not sure. I'm sure he will call me; a lot of people have been trying to call me while I've been on the phone with you guys right now."

Q: Have you spoken with him in the past?

BOWE: "I was down there two weeks ago and I had a few words with him before he went to work out. He told me that I had a good senior season and that he hoped I would be around with the Chiefs picked. I came in at the right spot, so I'm happy and ready to go."

Q: What did you think about QB Brodie Croyle when you played against him at Alabama?

BOWE: "He's a great guy on and off the field. When he steps on the field, he can throw the ball and makes plays. That's what a team needs and I want to come in there and make plays as well. We'll see what happens when I get there."

Q: Have you talked to your teammate QB JaMarcus Russell today?

BOWE: "I just talked to him and he said that they (Oakland) were going to whoop us. I told him we'll see about that. He's happy for me and he has a lot of stuff going on right now and I do too. We'll catch up with each other later on tonight."

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