Carl Moore likes the SEC

One of the nation's top junior college wide receivers is Carl Moore and he has three SEC powers at the top of his short list.

As a freshman at Sierra College in Rocklin Calif., Carl Moore showed why he is one of the top wide outs in America after hauling in 60 passes for 970 yards and eight touchdowns.


At 6-4, 220 pounds and with 4.45 speed, Moore has some impressive numbers, but when you factor in that he will graduate in December in time for spring practice at the school he chooses then it's easy to see why coaches say he can make an immediate impact at the college level.


The 5-star receiver is sitting at 12 scholarship offers but No. 13 may be only a couple of days away.


"I got LSU, Arizona, Arizona Sate, Washington, Cal, Auburn, Tennessee, Nebraska, Florida, Kentucky, Missouri and Oregon State, and I'm about to get offered by UNC (North Carolina)," he said. "Within the next couple of days the offensive and defensive coordinator are both coming out here and they are supposed to offer through my coach."



Moore's most recent offer came from a coach that is familiar with the California scene and it caught the standout receiver off guard.


"LSU was my most recent offer last week," said Moore. "Coach (D.J.) McCarthy text messaged me and said they were looking for big play receivers that could make an impact for them. He watched some film with my coach and then I got another text message while I was lifting weights with my team and he said they were offering me."


Most kids that spend the majority of their life on the West Coast grow up watching the pass-happy offenses in the Pac-10.


Moore said that he has always been a fan of the Pac-10 schools but there are three schools at the top of his list and all three are far away from home.


"I'd say my top schools right now are Florida, LSU and Tennessee," he explained. "I think it's going to come down to those three there. I'm going to try and commit before the season so I plan on checking out those schools this summer. I figure I'm probably going to play in the SEC so it's probably going to come down to those three right there."


What is it that Moore likes about his top three?


Florida—"Florida has been one of the schools I wanted to go to since I was a sophomore in high school and I always followed them. I like their offense but I have to see what they are going to do with (Tim) Tebow because he likes to run the ball a lot."


LSU—"They just got two wide receivers drafted in the first round of the NFL draft and LSU has also been known as an impact program in the SEC. They obviously know how the get their people noticed and to put them in the league (NFL)."


Tennessee—"That's one of the best schools to go to as a receiver and to get to the NFL because they like to throw the ball a lot. Coach (Matt) Luke (Recruiting Coordinator) is recruiting me and he tells me they can use me right now."



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