DEVILLE: Perrilloux must go!

Do you think Les Miles slept very well last night?

When Miles became the football coach at LSU, his first item of business that first week of January 2005 was to secure the services of East St. John quarterback Ryan Perrilloux. On National Signing Day a month later, Miles registered his first major victory as the head coach of LSU when Perrilloux spurned the Texas Longhorns and went with the Tigers.


Two and a half years later, it looks like Perrilloux is headed out the door having played only a handful of snaps for the Tigers.


After several brushes with the law last Fall, including a handful of driving citations, a noise ordinance violation, then his much publicized connection to a Federal investigation in a St. John Parish counterfeiting ring, Perrilloux may have sealed his fate over the weekend.


It seems the 20-year-old LaPlace, La. native was arrested last Saturday for using false identification to gain entry to a Baton Rouge area gambling establishment. Perrilloux, who will not turn 21 until Jan. 1, 2008, allegedly used his brother's ID to enter the Hollywood Casino in downtown Baton Rouge. Perrilloux was escorted from the casino, arrested by authorities, but was never booked.


The news broke Tuesday afternoon on a local radio station and Miles issued a statement later Tuesday evening stating Perrilloux had been suspended indefinitely.


What does that mean exactly?


Is Perrilloux gone for good? Judging from Miles' long arm of the law, the same arm which tossed three players from the LSU program last month, the highly-touted signal caller is most likely headed out of Tiger town.


Safety Troy Giddens and back-up offensive lineman Zhamal Thomas were arrested for burglary and identity theft last month when they broke into an on-campus apartment and stole various items including credit cards. They were suspended from the team indefinitely pending further investigation by Miles.


In the same week, reserve offensive lineman Kyle Anderson got into a Tigerland bar brawl, from which stemmed his subsequent arrest and suspension from the team as well.


In hopes of showing a firm display of discipline, Miles ruled on the future of these three players harshly dismissing all three players from the team permanently. It was obvious Thomas and Giddens had to go, due to the fact they will likely be convicted of a felony. But some wondered was Anderson's sentence a bit harsh.


We all remember star defensive end Chase Pittman's brouhaha in the Bogey's parking lot two years ago, in which the eventual seventh round pick of the Cleveland Browns punched an inebriated patron, sending him the hospital. Miles suspended Pittman, but then allowed him to later return to the team. Anderson wasn't so lucky. Many speculated had Anderson's run-in with the law not transpired so soon after Giddens and Thomas' arrest, he may have been spared. Timing wasn't on Anderson's side.


With all that in mind, what will Miles now do?


Most people are under the impression Matt Flynn has sewed up the starting quarterback job for the 2007 season. Playing three seasons in JaMarcus Russell's shadow and owning a 40-3 win over Miami in his only start as a Tiger, Flynn has paid his dues and is more than ready to step behind center.


But what about the future? The job was Perrilloux's for the taking in 2008. The prep phenom would get his chance to prove he was no fluke, no flash in the pan. He would get the opportunity to show folks he was no bust, as one ESPN columnist stated this past winter.


Last Saturday, when he allegedly handed over a fake ID at a local casino, knowing he had recently been under surveillance by the United States Secret Service, that says it all for Perrilloux's future as LSU's quarterback. He showed his true colors through and through.


How can anyone, much less Miles, think that this kid can lead the Tigers football team at any point? What kind of example has he set in the past two years that would make anyone think the players on the LSU football team would actually support Perrilloux as their field general? What do his actions say about his character, his integrity? Or lack there of?


At this point, Miles and the Tigers need to cut their losses and send Perrilloux packing. In two short years, he has been enough of a black eye for the program. The worst thing that can happen is that he would be allowed to return to the team and eventually be placed under center. Then, the next thing you know, you have another case of Michael or Marcus Vick, minus the underage girls and fighting pit bulls.


Here's some advice Les, cut your losses and take your chances on a freshman quarterback in 2008. You and your team are better off with whatever happens in the long run.




Matt Deville is the editor of Tiger Rag. Reach him at

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