THE TIGER RAG TOP 10: We need your help!

As you are well aware, things are pretty slow right now in the world of LSU sports. With the baseball team not in the postseason, things have been REALLY quiet. We figured with football season just around the corner, we would get a head start on getting our readers ready for the 2007 season. In doing so, we are dedicating our June issue to looking back at the best and worst of LSU football.

From the best players, games and performances, to the worst losses, biggest controversies and wackiest names; we want to cover it all.

Below is a list of topics. In our upcoming issue, our staff is going to list a "Top 10" of each corresponding topic. But to counter our choices, we would like you to do the same.

I know you are all busy, so if you do not list a top 10 for every topic, that is fine. But if you could take 20 minutes or so and help us out, we'd love to pick your brain and hear your selections.


Click here to read more about it on the Tiger Rag Premium Message Board. We urge you to chime in on each topic. We want to hear from you!!!

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