THE TOP 10: Bonehead Bloopers

In today's installment of Tiger Rag's Top 10, we apply the old adage "if you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?" We re-visit some of themore humorous (or embarassing)moments in LSU history. Here are the most memorable "Bonehead Bloopers."


If you can't laugh at yourself, then who can you laugh at?


1. 2002 – Hawthorne's call of the Bluegrass Miracle

It will go down as one of the most exciting plays in LSU history. Marcus Randall's Hail Mary pass to Devery Henderson propelled the Tigers to a 33-30 win over a stunned Kentucky team. But if you weren't watching the game, you'd never have known about Henderson's ESPY-winning catch. LSU play-by-play announcer Jim Hawthorne got so caught up in the moment that he began screaming "Jack Hunt, Jack Hunt" when Henderson hauled in the pass. Jack Hunt wore No. 8 that season while Henderson, who had previously been a running back and wore No. 26, changed his number in 2002 to No. 9. In the commotion, Hawthorne barked out the wrong name. Since the play was so historic, Hawthorne's call has since been edited by LSU.


2. 2004 – Xavier Carter takes a knee

While Xavier Carter may be one of the world's premiere sprinters, on Oct. 2, 2004, he was the butt of a lot of jokes in Athens, Ga. During Georgia's 45-16 romp of the defending national champions, Carter was sent into the game to return a kickoff. Carter snared the ball in the end zone then headed out. Fellow return man Skyler Green sprinted over to Carter and told him to stay in the end zone and take a knee. What Carter didn't realize is that he was standing on the 1-yard line. LSU began their drive at their own 1 following Carter's kneel-down. Laughter could be heard from the bleachers.


3. 1985 – Ronnie Lewis flies the bird

LSU kicker Ronnie Lewis missed a crucial field goal during LSU's 14-14 tie with Alabama in 1985. The following week during a 17-15 win over Miss. State, Lewis missed another kick, which brought boos from the Tiger Stadium crowd. As he trotted off the field, Lewis began throwing "the bird" with each hand toward the crowd. Following the contest," coach Bill Arnsparger laughed when asked about Lewis' gestures and replied, "he (Lewis) was saying, 'we're No.1.'"


4. 2000 – Josh Booty's audible

Hoping to extend the game to overtime, Josh Booty and the LSU offense had possession with less than a minute left and the game tied 10-10 against UAB in 2000. Instead of remaining conservative, Booty called an audible at the line of scrimmage and promptly threw a pass into the awaiting arms of Balzer defensive back Chris Brown. Brown returned the pick to the LSU 15, where Rhett Gallego kicked a 32-yard field goal. UAB won 13-10.


5. 1994 – Jamie Howard's day in the sun

Fans will always remember Jamie Howard's six interceptions at Auburn in 1994. The real question is why was LSU offensive coordinator Lynn Amedee calling pass plays when LSU was leading No. 11 Auburn 26-9 in the fourth quarter? Three of Howard's interceptions were returned for fourth quarter touchdowns and LSU lost 30-26.


6. 2004 – The Streaker

The 2004 season got off to an exciting start when the season opener with Oregon State was delayed almost an hour due to torrential rain. In the interim, one intoxicated fan bolted from the stands wearing nothing but a smile. He evaded police for several minutes while sliding across the wet grass before he was finally hauled off to jail – naked! Auhtorities tried to prosecute the free-spirited fan for everything from trespassing to being a registered sex offender. However, he got off by paying a few fines and was banned for Tiger Stadium.


7. 2007 – Miles and the Alabama "F" Bomb

Les Miles is known to get a little fired up. His "Let 'er Rip" comment on ABC during his days at Oklahoma State is a YouTube favorite. But the current LSU coach may have taken it a bit too far at the 2007 Bayou Bash. While addressing almost 5,000 LSU fans, Miles dropped the "F" Bomb when referencing Alabama and former LSU coach Nick Saban. Word spread across the Internet of the incident, of which no video exists. Some inside LSU's athletic department denied that it happened, but Miles eventually apologized in a statement to The Reveille, LSU's student newspaper.


8. 1959 – Politz's Halloween Night call

While Jim Hawthorne's flubbed call of the Bluegrass Miracle is most well-known, J.C. Politz's call of the historic LSU-Ole Miss game in 1959 had its share of boo-boos. When Billy Cannon broke free for his legendary 89-yard punt return for a touchdown, someone turned up the microphone that captured crowd noise. At the same time, Politz's microphone was turned down; the last 20 yards of Cannon's run is lost forever, drowned out by the crowd. Later in the game, when Cannon and Warren Rabb stopped Jake Gibbs on fourth down, Politz barked out that (Lynn) LeBlanc hit with the aid of Billy Cannon. LeBlanc admitted years later he was on the field but watched the tackle from a distance.


9. 1990 – Joe Dean hiring Curley Hallman

There were many bloopers that took place from 1991-94, the years Curley Hallman was LSU's football coach. But none was bigger than Joe Dean's hiring of Hallman. While he seemed to be a good choice at the time after having experienced wild success as the coach at Southern Miss, Hallman was responsible for the worst four years in the program's history. Hallman went 16-28 as the coach at LSU. When he was hired, bumper stickers were made that read "Crazy ‘Bout Curley!" When things began going badly in 1991, fans used scissors to cut up those stickers, rearranging the words to read "Curley ‘Bout Crazy!"


10. 2000 – Alabama mooner

During LSU's 30-28 win over Alabama in 2000, a spirited fan jumped Tiger Stadium's chain link fence, trotted to the line of scrimmage and mooned quarterback Andrew Zow and the rest of the Alabama offense while they were in the huddle. The only thing that saved LSU from utter embarrassment was the fact that CBS was in a commercial break so the escapade didn't make the national television broadcast.



Golden Oldie:

1947 – Ole Miss 20, LSU 18 – Tittle loses his pants

Y.A. Tittle broke free on what appeared to be the game-winning touchdown against arch rival Ole Miss. However, his pants got in the way. Tittle intercepted a Rebel pass attempt late in the fourth quarter and headed upfield for the go-ahead score. Nothing but 70 yards of Tiger Stadium turf lay between he and the end zone. However, halfway to paydirt, Tittle's pants began to slide down his hips, then past his knees. As Tittle had struggled for the interception, an Ole Miss receiver snapped Tittle's belt, which were holding up the then-saggy football pants. As the future NFL Hall of Famer struggled to cinch up his trousers, he stumbled and fell at the Rebel 20. Coach Bernie Moore, who was in his last season with the Tigers, was said to have gotten a good laugh from Tittle's wardrobe malfunction. However, the old coach wasn't smiling when the Tigers failed to score and lost by two.

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