THE TOP 10: Enemies of the State

In today's installment of Tiger Rag's Top 10, we highlight "Enemies of the State." We list the top 10 most hated people by LSU fans. Tomorrow, we offer our final installment with "Odds & Ends."



Those hated the most by LSU fans


1. Nick Saban

Once the beloved coach of the Tigers, Nick Saban is now public enemy No. 1 for his departure from LSU and now arrival as the coach at Alabama.


2. Steve Spurrier

As the coach of Florida, Steve Spurrier never missed a chance to run up the score on the Tigers. Was nearly perfect against LSU as a player and coach, losing only once to LSU in 1997.


3. Tommy Tuberville

Tommy Tuberville nearly incited a riot in 1999 when he and his players lit up cigars following Auburn's 41-7 rout of LSU. Isn't nearly as hated as he once was, but still evokes plenty of bitterness from fans.


4. Paul Dietzel

Like Saban, Dietzel was beloved as LSU's coach. But when he left Baton Rouge for Army, then came back as the coach of South Carolina, he met a hostile reception in 1966. LSU fans forgave him, though, as he returned as AD in 1978.


5. Kirk Herbstreit

A former quarterback at Ohio State, Herbstreit incensed LSU fans during the 2003 season when the LSU/USC debate raged on. Sinc then, his anti-LSU sentiment only enrages Tiger patrons even more.


6. OleMiss/Tulane

Both are LSU's traditional rivals; however, the Tigers have dominated both series. But you'll find few fans who do not detest both schools.


7. Associated Press

The Associated Press snubbed LSU in 2003 and awarded its national championship trophy to USC. When AP writer Mary Foster appeared at LSU's championship celebration in 2003, she was booed by Tiger fans.


8. USC

"FUSC" bumper stickers were created following the 2003 season when LSU had to split its national title with the Trojans. Although the teams haven't played since 1984, the faux "rivalry" is at an all-time high. Les Miles hasn't helped with recent comments about the Trojans scheduling.


9. Lou Tepper

Drop linebacker. Enough said.


10. Damon Duval

This Auburn kicker got into a shoving match with an LSU tuba player during halftime of the 2001 LSU-Auburn game.



Honorable Mention:


Paul "Bear" Bryant - LSU fans respected the Bear, but his 21-4-1 record over LSU still stings


Archie Manning - Manning and the Rebels cost LSU the national title in 1969


Paul Finebaum - Infamous Mobile, Ala. columnist never misses a chance to dig LSU fans


Joe Dean - Dean famous for keeping LSU "in the black," but fans rebuked his "tight" nature when hiring coaches


Skip Bertman - Once a hero after five baseball national titles, Bertman has fell from grace as AD

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