THE TOP 10: Odds & Ends

In today's installment of Tiger Rag's Top 10, we conclude the summer series with a few ODDS & ENDS. We spotlight the best nicknames, fastest Tigers as well as a group of players that transcend time.


An array of other lists




1. Bert Jones, "The Ruston Rifle"

2. Cecil "The Diesel" Collins

3. Craig "Buster" Davis

4. Joseph "Nacho" Albergamo

5. Anthony "Booger" McFarland

6. Hudson "Curley" Hallman

7. Charles "Pinky" Rohm

8. Willie "The Blur" Turner

9. The Chinese Bandits

10. Charles "Cholly Mac" McClendon


Honorable Mention: "Pepsodent" Paul Dietzel, G.E. "Doc" Fenton, Randall " Blue" Gay, Leroy "The Black Stallion" Lebat, Albin "Rip" Collins, Lawrence "Biff" Jones, Roy "Moonie" Winston, Newton "Dirty" Helm, Tommy "Trigger" Allen



Fastest Tigers


1. Xavier Carter

2. Trindon Holliday

3. Bennie Brazell

4. Devery Henderson

5. Chris Cummings

6. Billy Cannon

7. Al Coffee

8. Charles Alexander

9. Willie Turner

10. Eddie Kennison



Tigers that transcend time

(Meaning they could play in today's era)


1. Billy Cannon

2. Gaynel "Gus" Tinsley

3. Ken Kavanaugh

4. Steve Van Buren

5. Jerry Stovall

6. Jimmy Taylor

7. Bert Jones

8. Tommy Casanova

9. Fred Miller

10. Ronnie Estay

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