Beal is a show stopper

Having guts and playing with passion are characteristics all coaches look for in their players. It is an instinct that separates the hunted from the hunter. It is what makes Brendan Beal (6'3, 240, 4.5) one of the most sought after linebackers in the country.

Beal served as a lethal weapon while playing for Roxbury High School last season. He racked up an amazing 152 tackles, 11 sacks, caused six fumbles and also took in 2 interceptions. He was simply a man amongst boys.

Beal plans on graduating early so he will switch to Liberty High School this upcoming season because Roxbury High School did not provide Beal with that opportunity.

"I'm transferring to a different school this year because I want to enroll in college early so I can get a jump on my academics as well as getting into shape early for the college football season," Beal explained. "Some people say I already have the size to play college football today, but I think I still have some room to grow."

What school will Beal be preparing for?

"I narrowed my list to 5 schools," said Beal. "They are LSU, USC, Florida, Boston College, and Ohio St."

What are his plans before deciding?

"I have 3 official visits set up right now," said Beal. "I am going to Boston College, Florida, and USC in September. I also want to visit LSU and Ohio St. as well. I am going to try to visit LSU in September if it is possible, but if not then October for sure."

When will Beal announce his decision?

"If you noticed, my visits are all kind of crammed into September and maybe the beginning of October," Beal informed. "The reason for that is because I plan on making my announcement on October 12 which is also my birthday."

Recently, who has Beal been in touch with the most?

"I spoke to coach [Bradley Dale] Peveto from LSU for like an hour last night and we text each other like every other day," Beal explained. "We have a great relationship and LSU has really come on strong as of late. I would place them in my top 3 for sure."

Beal wants to see it for himself.

"I heard the LSU atmosphere is magical and I want to experience it for myself and that's why I am excited about going on that visit," Beal said. "I noticed the other day that LSU was ranked number 2 in the country. They have a great tradition and I feel like the SEC is the top conference out there."

Beal feels he is the best of the best and wants to play for a team that takes as much pride in its football program as he does in his game.

"I feel like I am #1," said Beal. "When I am out there on the field I play with the mentality of I am going to kill you. I play with anger and I have a true passion for the game."

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